Warframe: Echoes of Veilbreaker New Break Narmer Missions Introduced in Update 32.1

Update 32.1
Update 32.1 Digital Extremes

Warframe: Echoes of Veilbreaker is now available on all platforms via Update 32.1. This patch introduces new Break Narmer missions, where you will face two familiar bosses: Ven’kra Tel and Sprag.

Venk’ra Tel is found in the Prison Break mission, while Sprag is in the Junk Run mission. Be careful as these Warframe field bosses are equipped with jetpacks that allow them to maneuver freely on the battlefield. The good news is that they’re optional, so if you’re not really into fighting these baddies, then you can just proceed with the main mission objectives. If you’re a fan of their weapons, you can purchase the Renok Hammer Skin and Avex Sniper Skin from the in-game market.

New Landing Craft: Skaut
New Landing Craft: Skaut Digital Extremes

Aside from the new Break Narmer missions, new offerings are available in Chipper’s Shop - one of which is a new landing craft called Skaut. The Skaut is a Grineer Bolkor ship that’s remodeled for Tenno reinforcement. It allows you to use the “Kahl Beacon” to summon Kahl and his Grineer/Corpus brothers. This is quite helpful when you’re in a tough situation.

Ostron Cave
Ostron Cave Digital Extremes

If you want to take your Dojo to the next level, there are over 140 new Ostron Decorations available to you in Update 32.1. You can try out the brand-new Ostron Cave, a new Dojo room that resembles a secluded cove in the Plains of Eidolon.

Patch Notes

Break Narmer Mission Changes and Fixes
  • Cumulative Challenge Change: Progress on Break Narmer Challenges now persist between mission runs, rather than being reset for incomplete challenges.
  • The Break Narmer mission progress screen will now show your challenge progress.
  • Changed the “Kahl Kill Quick” challenge from “Get 5 kills in 3 seconds” to 5 seconds.
  • Kills made by Kahl’s Brothers now also count towards this challenge.
  • Added new Break Narmer Challenges:
    • Blow Up Good: Get kills with grenades.
    • Bomb Run: Get kills with grenades while flying.
    • Close Up Kills: Kill Enemies with Melee
    • Crate Smash: Kills Moas with a crate in the Veil Factory.
    • Freezer Burn: Freeze the Narmer Raknoid.
    • Stun Deacons: Stun Deacons using the Veilbreaker.
    • Smash Narmer Robots: Kill Narmer Moas
    • Defeat Sprag: Find and defeat Sprag
    • Defeat Ven'kra Tel: Find and defeat Ven’kra Tel
  • Break Narmer missions where collectible challenges are active will now spawn additional items required to be collected instead of the exact amount needed to complete the challenge.
  • Exiting out of the camera hacking view is now done by either hitting ESC or the right mouse button.
  • Kahl can now command Brothers to stand in the Field in the Prison Break mission.
  • Increased the kneeling animation speed for Kahl.
  • Made it easier to select intractable objects while commanding Brothers.
    • Also fixed instances of the command FX not being visible on targets.
  • Kahl can now perform melee finishers on Moas.

Warframe: Echoes of Veilbreaker Update 32.1 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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