Warframe: Angels of the Zariman Hotfix 31.5.5 Brings Improvements to Void Cascade and Void Flood

A new chapter coming soon.
A new chapter coming soon. Digital Extremes

Developer Digital Extremes is on a hot streak when it comes to releasing updates for Warframe. Hotfix 31.5.5 is now available and it brings improvements to Void Cascade and Void Flood missions.

If you’re still new to the Angels of the Zariman expansion, there are new missions that are part of the Zariman questline. Two of those are Void Cascade and Void Flood. Both of them are endless missions with different mechanics. In Void Flood, you’re given a drone that automatically collects a resource known as Vitoplast. The collected Vitoplast must then be deposited into a Void Rupture to seal it.

That said, DE made some noteworthy changes in Hotfix 31.5.5. For instance, the enemy counts for the first two Void Ruptures in the Void Flood mission have been reduced but will slowly ramp up over time. Moreover, Eximus units will only start to spawn after the first Void Rupture has been sealed.

In addition, an objective marker and tutorial text pop-up has been added to better explain mission objectives in Void Cascade. This is a welcome addition, especially if it is still your first time doing the content.


Angels of the Zariman Quest Changes and Fixes
  • Adjusted the Void Cascade mission objectives to start when players kill the first Thrax occupying an Exolizer
  • The following Void Cascade conditions are now the only ones that will occur in the quest mission:
    • Shield Drain
    • Enemies have added Heat damage
    • Boarding squad
  • Fixed the objective marker in the Void Flood mission appearing during intro transmission.
    • It will now appear after this key transmission has finished playing.
Zariman Mission Changes and Fixes
Void Flood Fixes
  • The optional Extraction marker now displays for less time at each rotation
  • Fixed objective A not appearing until the intro transmissions have finished
    • This also fixes the objective popping in at an empty location with a marker and causing an awkward pause in gameplay
  • Fixed extraction transmission playing after the next Round’s A marker appears in Void Flood missions
    • This should help some confusion on extraction availability before the next Round begins on longer endless runs
Void Cascade Fixes
  • Fixed Exolizer progression marker lingering with full bar after it disappears in Void Cascade missions
  • Fixes towards enemies not spawning properly if you Host migrate before fully connecting or loading into Zariman missions from the Chrysalith (and all other open landscapes)
  • Fixed Zariman missions (including Bounties) at times auto-completing and on consecutive runs

The full patch notes can be found on Warframe’s official website.

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