Warface Gains Major Improvements in "Treasure Hunters" Season

Treasure Hunters Season Crytek Studios

Are you a competitive Warface player? Experience the Treasure Hunters season and join in Ranked matches, now in full swing! But unlike the previous season, there are quality-of-life features implemented thanks to a recent update.

Ranked Match Improvements

Warface now has a matchmaking queue timer for all game modes, including PvE, PvP, special ops, and of course, Ranked matches. This timer gives you a rough estimate of how much time you have to wait for the system to find a match for you.

Matchmaking Timer Crytek Studios

The developers also implemented some changes to penalize you if you leave the match early. If you suddenly get disconnected from a match, due to a random disconnection or technical difficulty, but you're able to log back in before it concludes, you will be rewarded in full if your team wins, or lose points in case your group lost.

Now, if you leave the match and have no intention of coming back, you will get banned from participating in Ranked matches for a limited time. You will also not receive any points if your team wins the match. If your group was defeated, your team only loses half the usual points, however, you will lose the full amount.

Plus, the early surrender is removed in the new system. The surrender vote only becomes available in the fourth round or during the seventh-minute mark of the match.

This patch implemented other changes, improvements, and bug fixes as well. Here are some of them:

Weapons and Gear

  • "Adrenaline" with equipped "Thick-Skinned" mod:
    • Now, when you shoot a player using the modded device, you can see an icon informing that the damage dealt to the opponent is reduced,
    • Added a unique hit sound effect,
    • Reduced screen shaking when a player runs with the device in hand.
  • Medkit, Basic Armor Kit: the icons of some mods have been changed.


  • Ruins: removed dynamic elements (exploding doors, spiked ceiling, etc.).
  • Ranked Matches: the leaderboard has been enabled.


  • Player statistics: now the Co-Op missions count includes finished special operations on the corresponding difficulty levels.
  • Upgraded the visuals of some notification windows.
  • Random Boxes:
    • Upgraded the Random Box opening screen upon finishing a contact,
    • All single-piece consumables (such as grenades or claymores) have been removed from the rewards,
    • The opening animation has been sped up by 100%.
  • Removed the "Career" tab. You can view achievements via the "Info" tab.
  • The game lobby has been replaced with its seasonal version.
  • Added in-game announcement screens.
  • Added a purchase button in the expired item notification.

Bug Fixes

PvE and SpecOPS

  • Rift: Infiltration
    • The enemies no longer spawn inside objects on the map,
    • Fixed a bug due to which the character could fall under the map when falling from the bridge.
  • Rift: Revelation
    • Fixed a bug due to which enemies couldn't shoot players at certain angles.


  • Player profile:
    • Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to equip an achievement into slots not meant for this type of item,
    • Fixed a bug due to which the information was displayed incorrectly in some screen resolutions.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause freezes when changing presets.

Warface Treasure Hunters season is available on PC.

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