Warface: Agent Grizzly Now Ready for Combat in "Side by Side" Update

Agent Grizzly
Agent Grizzly Crytek Studios

Agent Grizzly is the latest playable agent in Warface introduced in the Side by Side Seasonal Update.

Also known as Francis Dyke, Agent Grizzly used to work for a secret government service. But now, he lives a somewhat quiet life in a distant Canadian village as a lumberjack.

However, he joins Warface as part of the Riflemen, which means he has access to all assault rifles and machine guns in the game, making him fairly proficient at close-to-medium ranged combat.

In addition, players can get their hands on the new Agent Grizzly set, which includes the “Woodland” versions of the H&K G36 Assault Rifle, TEC-9 handgun, and Black Hawk melee weapon.

"Woodland" H&K G36 Assault Rifle
"Woodland" H&K G36 Assault Rifle Crytek Studios

The Side by Side Update brought some balancing changes and bug fixes as well. The AWP sniper rifle has its damage increased considerably from 425 to 505. This weapon’s body damage and arms damage multipliers have also received a bump in damage, which means that this thing can still kill even if players have only managed to inflict a body shot.

Here are the other notable changes:

Content Changes
Weapons and Gear
  • Sentry 12
    • Reduced barrel flash when using the unique flash suppressor.
  • KH9-EX
    • Improved the aiming grid of the 2x sight. It is now better visible against a dark background.
  • Barrett M82A1
    • Increased damage (from 433 to 515).
    • Increased body damage multiplier (from 1.13 to 1.3).
    • Increased arms damage multiplier (from 1.23 to 1.3).
  • CDX-MC Kraken
    • Heavy Frame mod: increased damage bonus (from 80 to 180).
  • Kel-Tec RDB-C
    • The Trinity mod: reduced damage penalty (from 72 to 60).
  • Mauser Kar98k
    • Increased body damage multiplier (from 1 to 1.1).
    • Heavy Frame mod: increased damage bonus (from 70 to 145).
  • Mauser C96 Custom
    • Improved positive effects of unique mods:
    • Akimbo-Guns mod: increased fire rate bonus (from 15% to 30%).
    • Illegal Rejiggering mod: increased fire rate bonus (from 70% to 75%).
    • Updated shooting sounds.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug, due to which when picking adaptive quality and low graphics settings, visual artifacts could appear in the game (such as blurry targets and fairy lights at the shooting range).
  • Fixed a bug, due to which terminals in Special Operations did not have the HP bars.
  • Fixed some bugs that lead to client crashes.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which a different amount of currency would be deducted when buying items on sale in the game shop. This happened because the fractions were being rounded.

The full patch notes can be found on the official website.

Warface Side by Side Update is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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