War Thunder: Update Improves Old War Machines

War Thunder Update
War Thunder Update Steam

The developers at Gaijin Entertainment understand that War Thunder has an ever-increasing roster of vehicles. That is why Update is improving the older ones, especially those that require attention.

Improved Vehicles

According to the devs, there are over 2,000 vehicles in the game, so they’re servicing some of the old war machines to give them new life. For instance, the IL-10 and IL-10 (1946) now have separate 82 mm launchers and 132 mm rockets. In addition, the turret’s firing angles have been corrected and so is the ammo capacity of the UBT and B-20 machine guns.

A separate bomb drop for the 120-kg and 250-kg bombs have been implemented to the Swedish Saab A32A, while the armored headrest found in the Ki-84 ko, Ki-84 otsu, and Ki-84 hei Japanese planes have their thickness increased to 13 mm.

For ships, the USS Detroit, USS Omaha, and USS Raleigh now have a wider angle of fire as the traverse angles on the casement of their caliber guns have been increased.

New Anti-aircraft Algorithm

A damaged plane can still be dangerous, so it is best to not leave it unattended. So, developers implemented a new algorithm where anti-aircraft guns will not stop shooting at the enemy aircraft until it has been neutralized.

Update - Changelog

  • Toldi IIA: missing effects of barrel break and damaged track have been restored
  • Airfield AA guns will no longer stop firing at damaged enemy aircraft that are still able to fight
  • The incorrect display of contacts at greater distances in SB mode has been fixed
  • Minimal size of contacts while playing at high resolution has been fixed
  • Ki-84 ko, Ki-84 otsu, Ki-84 hei: the thickness of the armored headrest has been increased from 6mm to 13mm (report).
  • Saab A32A: separate drop has been added for 120 and 250 kg bombs
  • H8K2, H8K3: a bug has been fixed where the upper turret was able to fire through the fuselage
  • IL-10, IL-10 (1946): firing angles in the turret have been corrected, the ammo capacity of the UBT and B-20 machine guns have been corrected from 300 to 150 rounds. Separate launch has been added for 82mm and 132mm rockets
  • Su-6 (AM-42), Su-6 (M-71F): firing angles in the turret have been corrected
  • USS Omaha, USS Raleigh, USS Detroit: the traverse angles on the casement main caliber guns have been increased
  • IJN Yubari: year of modernization has been changed to 1944
  • Köln F220, Lübeck F224: a bug with absent overheating in the 100mm guns has been fixed
  • HMS Norfolk: aiming angles of the 1st and 3rd main caliber turrets have been changed

War Thunder Update is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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