War Thunder: Update Fixes Drag Chutes; Improves Airfield AA Guns on EC

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Have you been enjoying War Thunder: Drone Age so far? The new features are definitely appealing, especially the introduction of UAVs into the game. However, developer Gaijin Entertainment found some bugs that need fixing, and that’s why the company launched Update recently.

Most of the jet planes in War Thunder are equipped with drag chutes that automatically deploy once you’ve landed on the airstrip. These things help decelerate the aircraft while braking, making it easier for you to stop the plane where it needs to be.

However, there was a bug that caused the drag chutes to not deploy automatically. This required you to manually press the appropriate hotkey for the chutes to come out, which was not the intended design.

The good news is that Gaijin Entertainment is on top of the situation and implemented a bug fix in the latest patch.

Now, airfields in the Enduring Confrontation (EC) game mode are equipped with anti-air guns. If you frequently play EC, take note that the effectiveness of the anti-air weapons has increased in this update. So, you may want to be extra careful the next time you try to take the enemy down on their home turf.

Patch Notes

  • Harrier GR.7: Display of ground vehicles at longer distances has been fixed. Third-person view night vision restored. A bug has been fixed where parts of the targeting pod obstructed the targeting pod camera view.
  • F-4C: The number of M117 bombs has been corrected in the secondary weapons menu.
  • MiG-19PT: Name of the 30mm NR-30(r) cannon has been corrected.
  • MiG-23BN: RWS (Radar Warning System) has been restored.
  • Z-10: TY-90 missiles now can be mounted on the internal wing pylons.
  • Po-2: A bug has been fixed where it was possible to create a user weapon setup where the weight exceeds the payload limit.
  • Tu-4 (China): The number of gunners have been fixed in the aircraft info card and crew skills; icons fixed in the secondary weapon menu; engine fire
  • A bug has been fixed where AI-controlled Type 90, Type 90 (B) and Type 10 in the [Assault] mode might respawn with low suspension.
  • Recon Micro: bug has been fixed that prevented the drone’s engine start after switching off in Test Drive.
  • M4A2: A bug has been fixed where it was impossible to replenish the smoke grenades.
Other Changes
  • The camera in the hangar is now positioned a bit further back in order to allow any vehicle to fit the screen, especially on a wide-screen, or three-monitor setup).
  • Sergey is alive! Added decal for 100 defeated enemy vehicles while controlling the Su-25 or Su-25K.

War Thunder Update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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