War Thunder Puts Temporary Restrictions on Decals

It's not just video games anymore.
It's not just video games anymore. Gaijin Entertainment

One of the features that players love about War Thunder is the authenticity of military vehicles. It's been revealed recently that select countries have adopted laws that could put some players at risk if they encounter certain symbols in the game. To ensure that the game remains comfortable and safe for everyone, Gaijin Entertainment is temporarily limiting the availability of the “Digits” decals, ready-made hull numbers, and some inscription decals.

Now, there's no doubt that some players already own these decals, like those who fulfilled the requirements or bought them using in-game currency. Owners of the decals can still use them, for now. Those who haven't yet achieved or purchased these decals can only access the "Digits" set. Meanwhile, new players who register an account after this announcement won't see any of the decals mentioned in the customization menu.

New Decals

While some decals may be restricted, new players should be happy to know that there is a new set of decals released for rarity hunters. These rare decals can be earned in battle or purchased until May 12. Here are the details:

  • The requirements for the decals may be checked in either:
    • “Weeks latest” section in vehicle customization.
    • Achievements > Decals > Weeks latest.
  • Tasks can be completed in random battles and events, except for “Enduring Confrontation” and “Assault” missions.
  • Decals received earlier have been temporarily moved to the section “Weeks latest” and will be moved later to the thematic sections.

New Update

A new update has been released which fixes these issues:

  • Vehicles in the sight disappear at distance.
    • This was the complaint about some individual helicopters where the described bug may occur.
    • The cause of this issue has been found and players are invited to verify the fix in the battle.
  • Accelerated the turn for the M4 Sherman series.
    • The entire series of American medium tanks became slightly more dynamic when turning on the spot and there is nothing else to add about it.
  • Continuing to set up the anti-aircraft defense.
    • A new tweak was done for the helicopter pad air defense.
    • The range of warning fire has been reduced by 500 meters.
    • The number of anti-aircraft guns has been halved and anti-aircraft guns themselves now only provide warning fire.
    • The enemy can no longer hide from the attack under anti-aircraft guns located at the edge of the battlefield.

Learn more about the new changes here. War Thunder is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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