War Thunder Wants You to Prepare for the Imperial Jewel - Japanese Battleship Kongō

Prepare to meet a new warship.
Prepare to meet a new warship. Gaijin Entertainment

A new update is set to arrive soon in War Thunder. It’s going to introduce a lot of new content and one of these is the Japanese battleship Kongō. This heavy warship is joining the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Features of the Rank V IJN Kongō include:

  • Excellent mobility
  • Powerful main battery guns
  • Scout planes
  • Vulnerable high-calibre fire
  • Poor long-range AA capability

Bring in the Big Guns

What makes the Kongō impressive are the eight massive 14’’ (356 mm) cannons that have been split between four twin turrets. This powerful primary battery is complemented by a secondary arsenal which has eight 6’’(152 mm) cannons mounted in four casemates on either side of the ship’s hull and positioned just above the main armor belt. Because of this, the Kongō can take on even the most heavily armed and armored battleships that other nations have to offer.

Dual-Purpose Weapons

In addition to the already impressive arsenal, the Kongō also has a rather expansive suite of dual-purpose weapons. Not only that, since this ship will join the game in its 1944 configuration, both the dual-purpose and anti-aircraft arsenal have been bolstered.

That means an extra six-twin 5’’ (127 mm) dual-purpose cannons along with the 100 25-mm AA cannons. This many guns on the ship make it difficult for smaller vessels to get too close. However, the ship remains weak against high-altitude attacks.

Impressive Speed

Just because it’s open to high-altitude attacks doesn’t mean it’s a big sitting duck. That’s because despite being classified as a battleship, it can go as fast as 30 knots (59 km/h), thanks to the turbines being able to generate a power output of 136,000 hp. While it cannot immediately reposition itself during a fight, it can still dodge enemy fire at long range. If by chance enemy fire manages to slip through, the danger is lessened a bit by the 203-mm thick armored belt, 254-mm strong turrets, and up to 127-mm of deck armor.

What do you think? Excited for this warship to arrive? Learn more about it here.

War Thunder is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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