War Thunder Players Want Improvements on Game Economy

War Thunder Special Survey Gaijin Entertainment

When asked what changes are needed in War Thunder, most players want issues with the game economy and progression addressed. This was the result of a special survey conducted by the dev team. There were 14,562 entries received and 90% of those were on economy and progression.

The team revealed that the majority of concerns were about the repair costs and having the ability to pay for it by being active in battles. Other concerns include point capturing in a team, rewards for assisting enemy kills, and kill-to-death ratio.

Some players paid attention to the following problems:

  • Time needed by new players to progress all the way up to the top-tiers
  • Current BR distribution and methods of assigning BR to a vehicle
  • BR ranges of vehicles in battle
  • Need to purchase modules

According to the team, they understand these concerns and plan to incorporate ideas in an upcoming economy roadmap expected to be published on June 14.

Map Issues

While the economy was the main concern, there were also those who wanted the team to look into gameplay issues. One of these was on locations and specifically the size and how players are susceptible to being shot-through in ground battles. The team said that they have studied the maps and even created special tools like "heatmaps" of deadly shots. However, as the game kept growing and new vehicles were added, a lot of maps either showed new issues or older ones that became too big.

They revealed that they're currently reviewing and polishing these locations, which would be included in upcoming game improvements.

More Concerns

Those who answered the special survey also mentioned night battles and how inconvenient it was. The team shared that they've been making improvements to that end, such as lowering the appearance probability and even adding in illuminating shells. However, those weren't enough so they're now looking into new solutions.

Final Word

The team revealed that they're still looking over the entries. Some of the suggestions could be put in the game quickly while others needed a complex approach. With the survey results, the team is planning to conduct similar polls, possibly, one every three months.

What about you? What changes do you want in the game?

War Thunder is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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