The Walking Dead Onslaught Previews New VR Gameplay Trailer

Ready to fight the undead?
Ready to fight the undead? Survios

The Walking Dead Onslaught released a brand-new gameplay trailer, highlighting all kinds of zombie-killing action. The game is set to be released digitally on September 29 for the PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and Steam VR. Physical editions for the PlayStation VR are then going to be released by October. It’s also worth mentioning that the release of this game is going to be just days before the Season 10 finale of The Walking Dead.

You can watch the new trailer here:

The Walking Dead Onslaught is set just after the Savior War. Alexandria has been devastated by the fighting and continues to struggle over its ideals. Players take on the role of Daryl Dixon as he recalls a rather fateful encounter with a mysterious stranger.

In addition to a campaign mode, the game also has a Scavenger Mode. This replayable mode lets players take on supply runs as Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Carol. Here they get to meet a large number of walkers while collecting resources in order to rebuild the community, upgrade and modify many of the iconic weapons, and be able to unlock new quests.

Onslaught is set to offer the ultimate combat freedom as it tests the boundaries of VR combat physicality to shoot, sever, and decapitate walker hordes in ranged as well as close-quarter encounters. There’s also the Progressive Dismemberment system which realistically depicts every attack against the undead. In fighting the hordes of undead, players get to choose from a range of 24 weapons that have realistic handling, offering a wide range of modifications to fit the player’s combat style.

Pre-orders are already available and those who do will score some bonuses, including:

  • Digital Pre-Order Bonuses
    • Exclusive Sheriff Rick and Hunter Daryl character skins.
    • Gold Katana and Gold Knuckle Knife weapon skins.
    • Pre-purchase discount on participating platforms.

Mutliple versions are also planned for The Walking Dead Onslaught, including:

  • Digital Deluxe Edition
    • Iconic Show Weapons Pack
      • Lucille
      • Rick’s Mace
      • The Red Machete
      • Tyreese’s Hammer
    • Alexandria Crafting Starter Kit
    • The Walking Dead Onslaught Mini-Soundtrack
    • Art Book
    • PS4 Theme and Avatar pack
      • Only offered when purchasing through the PlayStation Store.
  • Retail Editions
    • Retail Exclusive Deluxe Editions.
    • Limited run Survivor Edition.
    • Features all in-game and Deluxe Edition content, an exclusive SteelBook, and 1 of 5 Collectable Postcards.

The Walking Dead Onslaught Standard Edition is priced at $29.99 while the Deluxe version is $39.99.

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