Volta-X Metaverse Update: Metaverse Mode, New Boss, Two New Voltas

Volta-X Metaverse Update
Volta-X Metaverse Update GungHo Online Entertainment America

Volta-X fans should gather up for a major content update. GungHo Online Entertainment America just launched the Metaverse Update, which introduces a new game mode, new Voltas, weapons, and more.

Metaverse Mode
Metaverse Mode GungHo Online Entertainment

Metaverse Mode

The biggest feature of the new update is the Metaverse mode, the game’s new offline gaming experience. When in this mode, you can choose from a set of randomized loadouts to compete in a range of challenges.

Metaverse Challenge Path
Metaverse Challenge Path GungHo Online Entertainment

Your objective in the Metaverse is to survive multiple battles. After every round, you can upgrade or repair your Voltas as you see fit. Make sure that you won't get defeated even once because if you do, your progress will be reset.

What’s New?

The introduction of Metaverse is already exciting but developers have added new stuff to make things even better.

Two new Voltas are added to the game: Valkyrie and Irontail.

Valkyrie GungHo Online Entertainment

Valkyrie is a transformer that can switch between Tank and Human forms at will.

Irontail GungHo Online Entertainment

Irontail is a Volta capable of using a third-hand weapon and a special ability that adds fire to its next nine attacks.

Aside from the new Voltas, meet the new weapons that you can add to your mechs:

  • Ice Launcher: Besides extinguishing fires, this weapon can add an iced effect to target rooms, which would slow down crew movement and repair rate to a certain degree.

  • Nanomachine Cloud: This weapon generates a healing aura that heals all rooms over time.

  • Blaster Cannon: A shoulder-arm attachment that can deal damage based on the current charge.

  • Auto Turret: This weapon fires periodically if a crewmate is present in a room.

  • Destroyer: Adds crew damage to all of your Volta’s parts.

  • Black Hole Beam: A shoulder-arm part that creates a black hole, which can pull in crew members from adjacent rooms.

Black Hole Beam
Black Hole Beam GungHo Online Entertainment

Hold on, There’s More!

Here are other notable additions introduced that will make even your animal companions giddy with excitement:

  • New Emotes: Add more life to the game by making your celebrations much sweeter, or taunts more provocative, with new emotes.

  • New Crew Costumes: Your crew not only needs to be in tip-top shape, but they also have to be stylish. New fashion items are available across all game modes.

Tiamat GungHo Online Entertainment
  • New Boss: Expect a terrifying boss in the Metaverse capable of projecting an ice beam, which can shoot three target rooms.

  • New Headquarters Rooms: Go to the new Crew Training Room and Volta Training Room to gain experience points outside of battles.

  • Raiden: A special addition that gives armor to all rooms.

  • Dagger: Updated the Light Punch to a dagger.

Volta-X Metaverse Update is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC. As part of the Nintendo Switch Digital Deals, the game is currently 50% off on Switch for only $9.99.

For those who want to play on the PC, you can get the game on Steam.

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