GTA Online Reveals Some Of The Bonuses Offered For The Cayo Perico Heist

See what you can get with the new heist.
See what you can get with the new heist. Rockstar Games

GTA Online yesterday released one of its biggest updates with The Cayo Perico Heist. We actually covered what the new heist brought to the game. However, we didn’t go deeper into what rewards are offered. Not to worry, since today we'll give a quick look at the rewards and the weekly offerings.

Before we go into the rewards, you may want to know more about the new heist here.

Heist Bonuses

Starting December 15 until January 14, players who manage to progress through this new heist get special clothing items. For example, those who finish the Cayo Perico Scoping Mission get a rare Manor Tie-dye Tee. This one is sure to be the envy of everyone.

Meanwhile, completing any of the Prep Missions gives players the rare Rockstar Gray Pattern Tee. Completing the heist itself before the deadline rewards the highly coveted Panther Tour Jacket.

Community Heist Challenge Rewards

Last month, GTA Online issued a challenge that was more than met by the community. In return, those who log-in from December 18 to December 20 get the Dinka Veto Classic for free. Finally, those who helped with the challenge will receive the Panther Varsity Jacket.

Lucky Wheel

All that planning could stress even the best players. If that’s the case, then just head on over to The Diamond Casino & Resort and give the Lucky Wheel a spin. The top prize this week is the symbol of excess and opulence, which is none other than the Pegassi Osiris.


Here are the usual weekly discounts:

  • Master Penthouse Customizations – 35% off
    • Floor Plans and Optional Extras, including:
      • Lounge Area
      • Media Room
      • Spa
      • Bar & Party Hub
      • Private Dealer
      • Office
      • Extra Bedroom
      • Garage
    • Colors
    • Patterns
  • ​Vehicles – 35% off
    • Vysser Neo
    • Obey 8F Drafter
    • Överflöd Imorgon
    • Lampadati Tigon

Prime Gaming

Let's proceed to the Prime Gaming benefits this week. These are for GTA Online players who connected their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming. Members who are in good standing get the chance to buy the Sonar Station. While they need to buy it at full price, members get a 100% rebate within 72 hours of purchase.

Members will also receive exclusive discounts like 70% off on the Benefactor Krieger and 80% off on the Pegassi Tezeract.

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