Vibrant Venture: Beta Update 1.5 Makes Game More Accessible Thanks to New Feature

Vibrant Venture
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Are you looking for the next fun game to play? If so, you might want to try Vibrant Venture out. This is a 2D action platformer that features four playable characters, each with two unique abilities that you can use at your disposal. What makes this title great is that you can change between characters at any time, allowing you to use specific abilities that may help you clear obstacles and other challenging environments.

Cardinal, for example , can jump again while he’s airborne. This is pretty useful when you’re trying to climb up areas that other characters cannot reach.

Developer Semag Games released a new patch just recently. Beta Update 1.5 introduces the new Assist Mode, a game mode that adds three modifiers to help make Vibrant Venture even more accessible than before. These are Hazard protection, death pit recovery, and infinite abilities. The last one is pretty cool as you no longer have to wait for cooldowns to use abilities again.

Aside from that, controller support has been added to the Level Builder. This lets you create entirely custom levels with a gamepad instead of the usual mouse and keyboard combo, which is great if you just want to relax on your couch while adding or removing stuff from your current project.


  • Assist Mode
    • The level entrance prompt graphic will now be tinted blue and show the Assist Mode icon if the level was cleared with Assist Mode enabled
    • Save files in the Title Screen now feature the Assist Mode icon if at least one level was cleared with Assist Mode enabled
  • Added object weights to the Level Builder
    • The object limit is now based on the weight of all the objects in a level rather than the number of objects
  • Updated the picker tool in the Level Builder
    • It now copies object properties allowing cloning of objects
  • Updated the Totals menu
    • Levels cleared with Assist Mode enabled feature the Assist Mode icon and are tinted blue
    • The menu now resizes dynamically based on the number of levels on a given page
  • Adjusted the level geometry in the first and third sections of 2-2
  • Adjusted the level geometry in the final section of 2-C
  • Fixed a rendering issue with the Laser Beacon beams
  • Fixed using the Homing Attack on a Leafly causing an error if the Leafly despawns during the attack animation
  • Fixed Banana's Ground Slam not killing vertically extending Bramble Boppers
  • Fixed missing decoration at the end of 2-3
  • Fixed being able to pick up fairies in the Level Builder after exiting playtesting
  • Fixed exiting playtesting while on a hook causing the player sprite to remain offset until landing on the ground
  • Fixed being able to clip through the ground using stairs

Vibrant Venture Beta Update 1.5 is available on PC.

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