New Vehicle and Character Classes Coming Soon to The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation

See what's being planned.
See what's being planned. Supercube

Good news for players of The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation. Indie studio Supercube officially revealed the latest roadmap for this space survival sim, and for the remainder of the year, players can look forward to updates that's sure to make the gameplay experience even more exciting.

For example, one planned addition is a new vehicle called "The Bear," which is actually a rover with large wheels. This gives players an easy way to move from one point to another across the moon. Now, this isn't the Earth's moon but Jupiter’s Io, where the game is set.

New character classes are also planned for release this year and these are the Pilot, Engineer, and Engineer II. New station modules will be added as well which should let players diversify what they want to build. These are the hangar, command center, and emergency room.

The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation is currently on Steam Early Access and is a space simulation game where players take on the role of a crew of specialists that need to survive and explore the secrets hiding in the desolated moon, Io.

Key features of the game are:

  • Explore
    • Io may be a dangerous place but it’s also home to beautiful and desolate landscapes.
    • Board a rover or flying drone and journey outside to gather precious resources in the various biomes of Io.
    • Explore the land and collect important scientific data to complete the mission.
  • Build
    • Produce materials, build modules and engineering systems, craft wearable equipment, and make food.
    • Use the advanced health system to monitor everyone carefully to keep them alive.
  • Survive
    • Volcanoes, seismic activity, sulfur winds, and magnetic storms will put nearly constant pressure on the crew.
    • Anticipate and adapt because the life of the crew depends on it.
  • Manage
    • Start the game with three different characters chosen randomly from a pool of 15.
    • Adapt to their strengths and weaknesses and use everything they have at their disposal to survive.
  • Simulate
    • Multiple winning conditions and endings.
    • Play again and again, take advantage of upgrades, learn the best strategies for survival, and master all of Io’s unforgiving elements.

Excited about what’s coming this year? Get The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation on Steam now.

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