Variables 2: Update 1.1.0 Features Nine New Turrets and More

Variables 2
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Are you fond of tower defense games? If so, you’re probably going to love Variables 2. Developed by Asteroid Game Studio, this game has all of the building blocks of a typical tower defense title except that you can change some elements to your liking.

Having said that, Update 1.1.0 is now available. It offers tons of new content, including nine new turrets, six new gears, twelve new achievements, along with several upgrades. Turrets also have a proper name now instead of just a codename.

Certain aspects of the game have been optimized as well. For instance, you no longer have to click the achievement icon anymore if you want to get the reward. Further, if you have corrupted or broken battle save data, a message would appear telling you that you can safely delete them.

On top of that, the issue where you can experience a drop in FPS when using the Butterfly Dream has been fixed.

Update 1.1.0 Highlights

  • Every turret has its own name now, not only a code name.
  • Add 9 new turrets of various traits:
    • Scourge Totem: Immobilize enemies
    • Golden Sundial: Produce gold
    • Escalator Combo: Provide a conveyer belt
    • Assault Ammo Box: Enhance Attack of other turrets
    • Holo Scanner: Enhance range of other turrets
    • Weakpoint Analyzer: Make enemies suffer more damage
    • Catalyst Pool: Enhance acid damage
    • Etch Processor: Enhance acid damage
    • Chordal Ballista: Share gear with other Chordal Ballistas
  • Add 6 new gears
  • Add 12 new achievements
  • Add several new Upgrades
  • Extended Barrel: Attack Range +6 to 4
  • Curvature Rifling: Crit Damage +2000% to 1500%
  • Eight-ball: Range +2 to 1
  • Eightie’s Women Clothing: Effect of gaining range can stack up to 5 times per wave
  • You don’t need to click the achievement icon to get the reward anymore
  • Optimize the operation of deploying constructs
  • Remind when a construct is deployed on an unavailable place has more details now
  • Remake most of UI in battle
  • You can press the ESC key to close pages or open the config page in battle
  • Icons of enemies from Golden/Diamond Spawners have special frames now
  • Add a VFX when enemies are immobilized
  • Fixed model and VFX of Slowing Module
  • Changed models of enemies from Golden/Diamond Spawners
  • Fixed abnormal data if OS region is some European countries (Thank you, @aassii)
  • Fixed a pathfinding problem of enemies from Golden/Diamond Spawners
  • Fixed wrong range of P-type turret
  • Fixed abnormal result when Helper's Medal is equipped with a big-sized turret
  • Fixed problem that preview of gear next gained

Variables 2 Update 1.1.0 is now available on PC.

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