Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt December 2022 Update Introduces Ventrue Warden Archetype

December 2022 Update
December 2022 Update Sharkmob AB

Developer Sharkmob AB launched a new and interesting update for its battle royale game, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt. The December 2022 Update introduces a few notable things, including a permanent Battle Pass, a new archetype, and a new weapon.

Permanent Battle Pass

The free Nemesis Pass, unlike the other Battle Passes in Bloodhunt, is a permanent BP with 100 tiers of unlockable content. Things that players can get from the Nemesis Pass include:

  • 8 Outfits
  • 7 Masks
  • 6 Eyewear
  • 8 Makeups
  • 5 Piercings
  • 4 Tattoos
  • 10 Emotes
  • 12 Player Avatars
  • 12 Player Banners

Sharkmob AB said that the Nemesis Pass is a “permanent” Battle Pass in the sense that it doesn’t have a visible expiry date. The reason for this is that the company doesn’t want any potential misunderstandings about when a new content update might arrive.

It will be interesting to see whether Nemesis Pass will truly remain in the game indefinitely or if a new one will eventually take its place.

New Archetype

New Archetype: Ventrue Warden
New Archetype: Ventrue Warden Sharkmob AB

The Ventrue Warden is the latest archetype in Bloodhunt, with the ability to shackle opponents into a single spot. Shackled enemies can still move, but they take damage whenever they venture too far from their current position.

In addition, the Ventrue Warden can sink her teeth into her opponents, automatically replenishing her armor when doing so.

New Weapon

New Weapon: Dual Daggers
New Weapon: Dual Daggers Sharkmob AB

Players who want a fast-attacking weapon for killing might love the new Dual Daggers. While small, these daggers apply poison to the target on each hit, ensuring that they still take damage even when they’re out of range.

If the enemy starts to get away, Dual Daggers can be used as a throwable weapon, great when all it takes is just one single hit. The daggers can be thrown an unlimited number of times, but there is a little cooldown in between each throw, so keep that in mind.

Other Changes

  • Dual Crossbows fire rate decreased
  • Tommy Gun max spread has been reduced
  • We have adjusted the aim assist on gamepad to balance the weapons where we saw abnormal data (in terms of accuracy) and make them require higher user input to stay on target.
  • The following weapons have been tweaked based on the collected accuracy data and the community feedback; pistol, dual pistol, revolver, and assault rifle.
  • Bloodhunt now supports D-Pad Navigation on the controller
  • Bloodhunt now supports DualSense touchpad swipe actions to quickly use consumables on PlayStation 5
  • Graveyard
    • The restoration tent has been removed! Graveyard has been updated with new layout and an expanded high-tier loot area.
  • Party Boat
    • The Harbor location has been expanded with the addition of a party boat to help players approach the area from more angles.
  • Disco Church
    • We have reworked the DJ platform to provide a cleaner and clearer gameplay space. We also adjusted the girders to make it easier to climb between the floors and out of the church. Additionally, we added a new basement corridor for flanking and hiding to make the space more interesting and balanced.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt December 2022 Update is available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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