A Vampire: The Masquerade Battle Royale Is On The Way

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With the Battle Royale genre becoming more and more popular these days, many developers have taken interest in creating a battle royale game of their own. The most recent developer to take interest in the BR genre is the developer of the popular Vampire: The Masquerade series.

The Swedish studio Sharkmob announced its new Battle Royale via an announcement trailer that gives us an idea of what to expect from the game. The 30-second trailer shows off various interesting elements and gameplay mechanics that could potentially make this battle royale game quite unique.

The concise trailer does a great job of giving us a quick overview of how the multiplayer game will play. We also got a brief glimpse of the gameplay mechanics like wall climbing and long-range jumps. In addition to that, the pre-alpha footage also shows that players can either dual-wield melee weapons or carry guns for mid-to-long range combat. With all the heavy shooters populating the battle royale genre, it's quite exciting to see a unique game that offers a different twist to a genre that is becoming quite stale.

If you have played the previous Vampire: The Masquerade games, you will need to know that the game also has supernatural elements to it. I mean, the game series does star vampires, after all. We are hoping that such supernatural powers might also be added to the battle royale game.

At the time of writing this article, the trailer has gathered an almost equal proportion of likes and dislikes. Vampire: The Masquerade fans seem to be quite disappointed with the battle royale game, which moves the franchise from RPG to an action genre.

A user posted a comment under the official announcement trailer asking, "How can game developers be so out of touch with the gaming world?" To which, the developer replied, "Hey Dreamer. Surely that isn't true. Many of us with "executive powers" that run studios and dev teams love games. That's why we are in this industry to start with. I can assure you that everyone working on this game are very passionate about games, many of them are VtM fans and we hope to deliver an interesting, new kind of experience to a cult classic game series. We aren't developing this game at the cost of any other VtM project. I am sure you will be able to sink your teeth into one of the other titles if this doesn't do it for you. See you around, maybe!"

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