Valorant Update 4.04 Reworks Icebox Map and Brings Minor Tweak to Ascent

Valorant: ICEBOX Map
Valorant: ICEBOX Map Riot Games

Valorant’s latest update went live yesterday, and it was a big one. Update 4.04 made changes to several Agents, fixed dozens of bugs, and reworked the Icebox map. It also made one minor tweak to the Ascent map. From now on, players can grab B orb from the lower box, instead of having to double jump from the box.

You can read about the Icebox rework below in great detail.

B Green
  • Doorway from Attacker spawn building near Green lane moved to the first cubby. This is to give attackers a new way to approach B Green instead of having to enter from two similar positions.
  • Green lane slightly widened. This is to make moving through this space more comfortable.
  • Pocket in Green lane near Yellow extended. This is to make angles toward B Site and Snowman more clear and readable.
B Site Rework
  • Yellow container adjusted and new stack of crates added. As players have settled into Icebox we’ve noticed a lot of rounds revolve around anchoring down behind yellow during post-plant situations.
  • Lower container removed and geometry adjusted into a cubby facing Green. Doorway on the upper container widened and its position adjusted.
  • Outer wall on B site and crane structure brought in toward the site.
  • Building in Back B closed off. We want to encourage attackers to push further and hold more space. Closing off this building should allow players to better anchor themselves in Snowman.
  • Plant zone on B site adjusted. This change is to encourage more spike plant diversity while retaining some safer defaults to work with.
  • Back wall in Kitchen adjusted. This change should help moving through this space feel more comfortable and allow players to easily clear this space.
  • Crates added to Orange lane to block line of sight from under tube to danger.
  • Boiler ramp geo simplified and slightly narrowed. Smokes will now fully cover Boiler and players should find head peaks from ramp more predictable.
A Site
  • Cover on back A site adjusted. This change should give Defenders a little extra space to anchor on.
  • Head peak on attacker side pipes removed. Where Attackers can peak from on A Site can feel overwhelming. This change should allow Defenders to better isolate where threats can come from.
  • Doorway into A lowered to prevent foot shot on players on top of screens.

Update 4.04 brought changes to several Agents, and you can read about it via our previous article. You can also check out the complete patch notes via the official site.

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