Valorant: Episode 4 Introduces a New Duelist Agent

New Agent: Neon
New Agent: Neon Twitter/@PlayVALORANT

Valorant will have a new Duelist agent this week, and her name is Neon. She is known for her speed. Her kit not only makes her quicker than any other agent but also makes her quite devastating.

New Agent: Neon

Let’s talk about Neon’s abilities. The first is High Gear, where she will channel her power to increase her speed. Using Alt-fire in the charged state will initiate an electric slide. In most cases, you can slide once per round, though you can get a second after getting two kills.

Pressing “Q” will unleash her Relay Bolt that can bounce on any surface. Once it settles, the bolt will then electrify and stun any target within its area of effect after a short period.

Fast Lane creates two long walls of static electricity that can extend until they hit a surface. They not only block vision but can also damage enemies that pass through them.

Her ultimate, Overdrive, unleashes Neon’s full power. This increases her movement speed and blasts beams of light at enemies with high movement accuracy. Plus, the duration resets after each kill.

Weapon Balancing

Some people will not be happy about the changes to Spectre come Patch 4.0 due to nerfs. It may not be the best choice for long-range engagements anymore.

For instance, its vertical and horizontal recoil multipliers when moving (running or jumping) are increased from 1.25 to 1.5. Furthermore, the protected bullet count from horizontal switching (yaw) while firing is decreased to five bullets.

While the Spectre receives some significant nerfs, other weapons such as the Ares, Guardian, and Bulldog are buffed to make them more enticing to use. The machine gun Ares, for example, has its spin-up removed, which means that its bullets will be released immediately when you press the fire button. In addition, its firing rate was increased to 13 (was 10).

Changes to Ranked Game

Some newbies have a hard time learning the fundamentals of the game. This is mostly because of Valorant’s huge roster of agents and weapons, but it can be attributed to smurfing, where high-ranked players create new accounts to play with beginners or people on lower ranks.

That said, a change is made so that those who are yet to play Ranked are required to reach account level 20 first. In other words, you have to level up your account before entering the Competitive queue. Hopefully, this will curb Smurfing significantly.

You can find out more information about Episode 4 here.

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