Valorant Patch Notes 4.03 Deathmatch Changes and Performance Improvements

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Valorant received an update that made some changes to game modes and performance improvements.

Deathmatch Changes

This mode is a free-for-all where 14 players are put on a single map to fight each other. This is mainly played as a warm-up before players go into competitive games.

It can be frustrating to play this game mode because of the spawning system. To enhance the experience, the developers have removed or relocated certain spawn points and reduced the respawn time from three to 1.5 seconds. This should make the game mode more efficient for warm-ups.

Performance Updates

To improve in-game performance, the developers have added a new feature called Global Invalidation. According to the dev team, this feature reduces the number of UI elements that need to update every frame.

Valorant Patch Notes 4.03 Highlights

  • Brimstone's ultimate now properly blocks gameplay visibility while active
  • You'll no longer see enemies on the minimap through the ultimate.
  • Abilities that require line of sight (flashes, Sova recon pulses) will no longer apply through the ultimate
  • Improved spawn logic and spawn placement to increase the likelihood that you will be facing each other players in an encounter
  • Fixed an issue where the Warm-Up Phase was not using spawn logic properly
  • Updated AFK detection in game to deter players from exploiting game modes to farm EXP
  • Updates to the color of the tile used to display sprays in your Collections
    • Some sprays were too close to the color of the original tile and were hard to see properly before actually using them in-game.
  • You can now respray after a 5-second cooldown
  • Added option to return to strongest weapon
    • You can now return to the strongest weapon when pressing the “Equip Last Used Item” key or when auto-equipping a weapon.
    • To toggle ON, go to Settings > Controls > Equipment under “Prioritize Strongest Weapon.”
  • Projectile follow is now fixed for observer followers
  • Added observer settings toggle to turn Agent portrait on/off
  • Fixed a bug where Chamber’s Headhunter and Tour de Force could float away
  • Fixed an exploit where using specific line-ups, it was possible to see inside Viper’s ultimate without being affected by the nearsighted debuff
  • Fixed a bug where Viper’s ultimate would sometimes fail to expand through doorways
  • Fixed a bug where pressing enter in pre-game wouldn’t focus chat
  • Fixed a bug where right-clicking a player portrait would not bring up a context menu
  • Fixed a bug where performance stats would be hidden while spectating the Spike
Esports Features
  • There is a brief flash when swapping into free-cam mode as an observer follower

You can read more about the update here.

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