Valorant: Patch 3.12 Adds Agent-Specific Keybindings and More

Valorant Update 3.07
Valorant Update 3.07 Riot Games

Are you tired of having to change your keybinds whenever you’re using different Agents? Well, that is about to change as Patch 3.12 for Valorant introduces agent-specific keybindings.

Save Keybinds for Specific Agents

Valorant has many Agents in its roster - each with its own unique abilities. If you mainly play Jett or Viper, you may have your own keybindings for each. Because of this, you're probably requesting a feature that allows you to save your keybinds so that you don’t have to change them manually every time you use a different agent.

Developers at Riot Games have heard you and they are giving you the power to set different keybindings for each agent in the game.

To do this, all you have to do is head to Settings > Controls > Actions. Here, you can create, delete, and search keybind profiles. Furthermore, you have the power to copy your default keybindings to one profile or to all profiles at once.

If you have conflicting keybinds, you will know which of these keys are and what they’re currently assigned to.

Additionally, you can revert the changes that you’ve made. Just remember that reverting will reset the keybind to whatever it was when the profile was created.

Report Players During the Pre-game

The reporting feature has been improved, letting you report disruptive players in the Agent Select screen. Just hover over their name and click the report button.

Conversely, if you’ve recently teamed up with a player and had a positive experience, you can add them to your friends list by hovering over their name and selecting the appropriate action.

Patch Notes

  • Friendly-fire Detection
    • You Better stop purposely blasting grenades on your teammates cause we’re tracking them and will be punishing excessive damage to allies
  • Wide Player Cards
    • After community feedback, we are bringing back the Wide Player cards that are shown during the Loading Screens and in the kill banners
  • Integrated select changes and bug fixes for Slate/UI from Unreal Engine 4.26 and 4.27
  • Fixed a bug that caused abilities that consist of a held object to display incorrectly in the third person. You’ll notice this fix on Skye, Sage, Jett, Yoru, and Reyna
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to spam invite others to party

So, what do you think about the ability to create your own keybindings for specific Agents? What other things in Patch 3.12 caught your attention?

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