Valorant: Patch 3.09 Brings Some Changes to the Classic Pistol

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Riot Games has launched Patch 3.09 for Valorant that effectively nerfs the Classic pistol’s right-click burst fire mode when moving. The update also adds new esports features, like the ability to know instantly whether a particular player is an attacker or defender based on their handedness.

The Classic Changes

The developers have found that the Classic pistol has been overperforming both in close and mid-range encounters. Most people use it while moving and jumping, so they've decided to reduce the pistol’s accuracy.

Their rationale is to cut the effectiveness of the gun when you are mobile and to make the Classic a potent weapon only at close-range combat.

New Features

Certain esports features have been improved. If you spectate a game using gamepad controllers, you may find that your view will be locked horizontally or vertically when speeding up using the R1 button. This is no longer the case, so you can freely roam without any problems or slowdowns.

In addition, a new option can help you instantly discern whether a player is an attacker or a defender based on their handedness. By default, right-handed players are attackers, while left-handed combatants are defenders. This option can be enabled in the settings.

Patch 3.09 Highlights


  • The Classic (right-click)
    • Walking firing error changed .05 to .6 (total error is 2.5 when walking, up from 1.95)
    • Running firing error changed .2 to 1.3 (total error is 3.2 when running, up from 2.1)
    • Jumping firing error changed from 1.1 to 2.1 (total error is 4.0 when jumping, up from 3.0)


  • Fracture
    • The B Arcade attacker barrier is shifted back towards Attacker Side Bridge, to allow defenders to more easily contest the area
    • Defender barrier at A Rope moved up to the top of ropes to make it easier for Sentinels to prepare
    • A Hall orb shifted into more neutral space, making it less favorable for attackers


  • Smoother Ropes/Ziplines
    • Fixed jittery movement that could occur when stopping or changing directions on a zipline or rope. This was most noticeable when repeatedly moving a small amount and stopping


  • Observers using gamepad controllers are no longer locked out of the X/Y axes when speeding up with the right bumper (R1)
  • Observers now have the option to set handedness for teams
    • When this option is toggled, observers will see players that start the match on attacker as right-handed, and players that start the match on defender will be left-handed

You can read the full patch notes by visiting the game’s official website.

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