Valorant: Patch 3.10 Introduces Chamber, the Newest Sentinel Agent

Chamber Riot Games

After getting delayed for a couple of weeks, Chamber, Valorant’s newest sentinel agent, finally arrives. He is introduced in Patch 3.10, which also implements an important change to the Competitive queue.

New Agent: Chamber

Sentinel agents are great when it comes to securing an area. Chamber has a unique kit that allows him to whip out special weapons and gadgets when needed.

When using his Headhunter ability, he will take out a unique heavy pistol that deals a considerable amount of damage. Press the alt-fire so that you can aim down sights.

The Rendezvous ability will have him place two teleport anchors on the ground. Place them strategically so that you can reactivate the ability to teleport to these anchors, provided they are in range.

When activating his Trademark ability, Chamber will unleash a trap that scans for enemies. When at least one is in range, a short countdown timer begins, after which the trap would destabilize the ground around them - slowing down anyone caught in the area.

His ultimate ability, Tour De Force, will have him activate a powerful sniper rifle that kills an enemy in a direct hit. Any foe killed this way leaves a lingering field that slows down anyone inside it.

Competitive 5-Stack

Smurfing has become a major problem in Valorant. For those who do not know, it refers to high-level players creating new accounts just to play with the low-ranked players. As you can tell, this is an unfair practice, especially for those who are just starting out.

To reduce smurfing, the developers removed ranked restrictions in groups that have five players in them. The reason for this change is people who smurf only do it because they want to play with their friends.

There are a few things to keep in mind. If everyone in your group has a rank of Diamond 2 and below, you can expect the queue times to be longer. The system will only match your team with a group that has a similar average MMR.

The Rank Rating (RR) that you gain or lose is reduced based on the rank disparity within the group. Suppose that the lowest rank in your team is Silver 1 and the highest is Platinum 1. Composed like that, the RR reduction is set at 50% because the highest and lowest-ranked members are one rank outside the standard group restrictions.

If the highest-ranked member in the group is Diamond 3 and above, you can expect the queue times to greatly vary as the game tries to find a 5-stack group having the same MMR.

You can learn more about the competitive changes, as well as some bug fixes, by heading to the game’s official website.

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