Valorant: Episode 3 Could Change the Game Entirely

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Just when players thought that Valorant Episode 3 cannot get any crazier, some looming changes might alter the game’s landscape forever.

After the reveal of the new Initiator agent KAY/0, Riot Games announced some huge changes to the gun economy and the “run and gun” style of play.

Run and Gun’s Getting Nerfed Again

There are many shooter games out there and in some games, the gun accuracy remains consistent even when you are moving. Other games like CS: GO, for example, use a different approach wherein your aim gets so much better if you stop and shoot.

Players wanted Valorant to have the same approach as CS: GO in terms of combat. In fact, it has become quite a hot topic since the game's inception for having relatively the same accuracy between moving and shooting, and standing and shooting.

While the community wants this aspect of the game changed, the developers are on the fence here but thinking about giving in just to alleviate the players’ concerns.

Valorant lead designers Sal Garozzo and Max Grossman said that they want to reward proactive and precise movement.

“Tag into accuracy” is what they’re calling a supposed change where players who shoot at running targets will apply a movement debuff, slowing them down in the process.

While they believe that the "run and gun" style of gameplay is good in certain situations, it is just more powerful than they’d like, thus some adjustments have to be made.

Come Episode 3, moving while shooting will be less accurate than fully aiming down your sights and firing at the enemy.

Changes to Weapon Prices

Aside from the “run and gun” issue, the devs also wanted to change the prices of some weapons. This could possibly change the Valorant landscape in more ways than one.

Nine guns are getting price changes while the Operator and the Guardian are receiving huge discounts.

Here are the weapons that will receive price adjustments in Episode 3:

  • Operator: 5,000 decreased to 4,700
  • Guardian: 2,400 decreased to 2,250
  • Stinger: 1,100 decreased to 950
  • Marshal: 1,000 decreased to 950
  • Ares: 1,600 decreased to 1,500
  • Bucky: 900 decreased to 850
  • Bulldog: 2,100 decreased to 2,050
  • Frenzy: 500 decreased to 450
  • Judge: 1,650 increased to 1,850
  • Shorty: 200 decreased to 150

What do you think of these upcoming changes? Are you in favor of the new weapon prices and the tweaks for the “run and gun” playstyle?

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