Valorant Agent Guide: How To Use Phoenix

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Valorant has been out since June 2 and the game has improved a lot from what we saw in the beta. Developer Riot Games added in a new agent, a new map, and a new game mode with Valorant’s full launch. With 11 agents available to use, the game is a bit tricky for players who didn’t play the beta.

Phoenix is one of the best entry operators and only requires a little bit of effort to master. Phoenix has four special abilities: Blaze, Curveball, Hot hands, and Run it back. These abilities are most effective on smaller maps such as Ascent, Bind, and Split.


Phoenix’s first ability is called Blaze. It basically casts out a wall of flame that blocks vision for both teams and damages everyone who crosses the wall. The best part about the wall is that the wall heals you while you stand on it. This ability is perfect for when you want to plant the spike or prevent attackers from moving towards a certain area.


Phoenix’s second ability is called Curveball. This ability is very useful for when you are checking a corner. It basically allows you to blind the enemies to the left or right side before you push in. Curveball can take a while to master, but it’s one of his best abilities and can allow you or teammates to push up to the enemies. Keep in mind that until you master this skill, you will likely be flashing yourself.

Hot hands:

Phoenix’s third ability is called Hot hands. It can be used two ways: one way heals yourself by throwing a fireball on the floor. The second use is throwing the fireball on enemies, which will cause a little damage to them. Personally, I mostly use this ability to heal myself. This ability makes Phoenix very useful as you can frag people and heal yourself without a sage.

Run it back:

Phoenix’s ultimate ability is called Run it back. This ability takes a while to load up, but once you activate it, Run it back acts as a second life. The ultimate ability marks your current spot as a respawn point and gives you a few seconds to kill the enemy or scout for intel. The best way to use this ability is when you hear footsteps and you know there are multiple enemies nearby, you can activate it and finish one enemy off and respawn and push up on the next one with more intel.

So, what do you think of Phoenix as an agent? Do you think your play style fits him perfectly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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