Valorant's New Agent, Killjoy, Is A Technical Mastermind

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Valorant's new agent, Killjoy, was leaked a bit early and Riot capitalized on the opportunity to make an official announcement. The leaks themselves revealed enough information about the Agent, including her abilities, but now you can see them in action.

Killjoy's strengths involve securing key locations on the battlefield using her technological innovations. The German mastermind also excels in taking out enemies with her inventions. Killjoy also has mini-robotic friends that can temporarily debuff enemies, making them highly vulnerable to damage from all sources.

Killjoy's Abilities

Killjoy has some interesting abilities and they are mostly based on technology:

  • Alarmbot: The Alarmbot is a small seek and destroy robot that hunts down enemies. The Alarmbot explodes when enemies get close to it, debuffing them and leaving them highly vulnerable for a limited time. When enemies are temporarily debuffed, they are also vulnerable to double damage. The Alarmbot can be recalled by holding the equip button.
  • Turret: Killjoy also brings with her an auto-turret that can fire at enemies within its 180-degree cone of vision. The auto-turret allows Killjoy to hold an area of the battlefield all by herself, freeing her teammates to cover other angles.
  • Nanoswarm: The Nanoswarm is a special grenade type that Killjoy can throw. This grenade does not emit any sound when thrown and it can be activated whenever Killjoy chooses to. When activated, the grenade deploys a swarm of nanobots that can catch enemies off-guard and deal some damage.
  • Lockdown: Lockdown is Killjoy's Ultimate and it locks down a specific area on the battlefield. When activated, Killjoy plants a device on the ground, which slows down enemies within its radius for eight seconds.

These are some interesting abilities that we haven't seen in Valorant until now. Valorant is also quickly differentiating itself from the familiar CS:GO toolkit with Agents like this. We are more interested to see how auto-turrets and technological abilities change fights in Valorant.

Killjoy will be available on August 4 when Act 2 for Valorant kicks off.

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