Valkyrie Elysium Now Out on PlayStation Consoles

Get ready for a new experience.
Get ready for a new experience. Square Enix

Valkyrie Elysium is now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in both physical and digital formats. Both longtime fans and new players can enjoy this newest addition to the Valkyrie series and experience its unique action combat mechanics.

Players can get the physical and digital Standard Edition on both PS4 and PS5. There’s also a Digital Deluxe Edition available, which comes with:

  • In-game item “Svartaljr: Sword of the Goddess of the Underworld.”
  • A digital version of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth for PS consoles.
    • This is the first entry in the Valkyrie series available at last on modern consoles.

In the game, a young Valkyrie has been entrusted with the fate of the world by the All-Father, the highest of gods and ruler of all creation. This Valkyrie is expected to face different enemies on her quest, and to survive, she has to use various weapons, magic, and the power of her allies. All of this to prevent the destruction of the world known as Ragnarok.

Valkyrie Elysium moves the series forward in a fresh and new direction through classic combat mechanics, like finishing moves and combo systems, all reimagined for an action-RPG. It also calls on its roots through the music from series regular Motoi Sakuraba.

There will be a free update coming to the game, available for download on November 8. It’s going to introduce players to three pieces of new content, including new difficulty levels, Seraphic Gate time attack battles, and Hilde’s Vengeance mode, where players can control Hilde.

Digital Demo

A free digital demo is now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 for players to try out. The save data from the demo, which can include all game progress and character levels, are carried to the full game.

PC Version

A PC version of Valkyrie Elysium is also coming out, and players need to wait until November 11. Unlike the one for consoles, the Standard Edition of the PC version is only available digitally through Steam. There’s also a Digital Deluxe Edition, which comes with the in-game item called “Svartaljr: Sword of the Goddess of the Underworld.”

No system requirements have been released, but you can keep updated on the game here.

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