Valkyrie Elysium is Releasing on PC and PS Consoles

Follow the story of a Valkyrie.
Follow the story of a Valkyrie. Square Enix

A new action RPG is set to make its way to PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Valkyrie Elysium takes inspiration from Norse mythology and offers an original story set in a world on the brink of destruction. The game lets players experience danger combined with fast-paced action combat.

Valkyrie Elysium follows the story of a young Valkyrie who has been entrusted with the fate of the world by the highest of gods and ruler of all creation, the All-Father. As she goes on her quest, she makes use of different weapons, magic, and the power of her allies, to face different enemies and prevent Ragnarok.

Making the gaming experience more fun is music from series regular Motoi Sakuraba. Meanwhile, character designs were made possible by Yuya Nagai of CyDesignation, Inc.

Then, there is the fresh and new direction that the game offers paired with classic combat mechanics like finishing moves and combo systems.

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Valkyrie Franchise

The game is part of a franchise that started with Valkyrie Profile, released in North America back in 2000. Like the latest iteration, this one is inspired by Norse mythology focused on the Valkyrie Lenneth. She travels across Midgard collecting souls of slain heroes to serve either as einherjar or her personal companions. Valkyrie Profile was a success both critically and commercially.

In 2006, a prequel titled Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria was released. This one was set 100 years before the first one and is about two characters namely Silmeria and Alicia. Silmeria was one of the Valkyries tasked with getting the souls of brave warriors and bringing them to Valhalla. However, when Silmeria disobeyed Odin, the latter reincarnated her in the body of the Princess of Dipla, Alicia.

After that, there was Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume. It’s also set before the original game but follows Silmeria and was released in 2009. Finally, there was Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin, which is still a prequel to the original game. Unlike the previous games, this one was released on Android and iOS.

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