V Rising: Hotfix 0.5.41669 Adds New Settings to Help Improve Performance

Hotfix 0.5.41669
Hotfix 0.5.41669 Steam

V Rising, the open-world survival game where you play as a newly awakened vampire, received the interesting Hotfix 0.5.41669, which added new settings to improve performance.

While you can play V Rising on a PC with a GPU having 2 GB of memory, the developers actually recommend a GPU with at least 8 GB of VRAM. However, if you still want to play the game using an entry-level GPU, Hotfix 0.5.41669 may help you get the most out of it.

This update added the Texture Quality option to the graphics menu. This setting can greatly reduce texture memory usage, which may increase FPS or lower micro-stutters.

Additionally, you can now impose an FPS limit so that your graphics card does not have to work so hard when playing the game. Benefits of capping the FPS include lower heat production, lower fan noise, and reduced energy consumption. This can be found in the advanced graphics section of the settings menu.

Some of the highlights for Hotfix 0.5.41669 can be found below:

  • Changed Low-Quality Atmosphere to High-Quality Atmosphere to keep the options menu consistent
  • Fixed a bug where the antialiasing option could not be set to anything other than TAA from the main menu
  • Stairs have been added to the "Castle Floors" tab in the build menu to make it easier for players to find them
  • Added "Respawn" hotkey to the "Controls" settings menu
  • Maximum clan size has been increased to 50 (game client hosting is capped at 20). If there are more than 10 players online, only the 10 closest and online will appear in the clan HUD
  • Clan HUD will now properly show names with different colors depending on if the clan member is online or offline
  • "Server Details" will now show the number of in-game days the server has been running for
  • Altering the "Refinement Cost" and "Refinement Rate" server settings no longer affects the blood essence consumption rate of the Castle Heart
  • The drop rate of the following items has been slightly increased:
    • Seeds for various plants
    • Schematics (tier 3 research)
    • Golden Jewelry
  • The following items can now be found in-game:
    • Razer Hood
    • Razer Cloak (T1/T2/T3)
  • Occurrences of multiple spawns of the same V Blood units will now be repaired upon server restart
  • Cooldown is now applied correctly when swapping weapons while having a recast active. This means that players can no longer reset cooldowns by swapping the spear or the sword to a different weapon during the recast window
  • Optimized server memory by removing data from disconnected users
  • Fixed the issue where some computers rebooted when connecting to a game

V Rising Hotfix 0.5.41669 is available on PC.

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