The V Rising Collaboration with Castlevania Comes Out May 8

Can you survive the challenge that's arriving? Stunlock Studios

The crossover collaboration of V Rising with Castlevania is coming out this May 8. Dubbed as the "Legacy of Castlevania," it's coming out on the same day that the game leaves Steam early access. As a way to up the exciting, a gameplay trailer has been released for this collaboration.

In Legacy of Castlevania, we see none other than the infamous vampire hunter Simon Belmont wield his legendary whip, along with his arsenal of holy weaponry, join the action in the game and challenge all of Vampire kind. His work won't be easy since his righteous crusade that's goes across Vardoran is sure to pose a threat to everyone that stalks the night. There's some good news for you though. Should you be able to beat Simon Belmont, you get to obtain the secrets of his iconic weapon. With this, you can get new combat abilities.

You can watch the new gameplay trailer below:

To get the most out of this upcoming collaboration, you can get the V Rising - Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack. One of the interesting content of this pack are the five unique armor pieces with Alucard's Regalia. This complete set can be crafted in the game once you unlock the tailor bench. It costs cloth and coarse thread to make. By the way, this is purely cosmetic though that doesn't mean it's not cool. The pieces are:

  • Alucard's Cloak
  • Alucard's Coat
  • Alucard's Leggings
  • Alucard's Gloves
  • Alucard's Boots

The pack also contains three unique shapeshifting form variants which are:

  • Wolf Form Variant: Soul of the Wolf
  • Human Form Variant: Glamour of Maria Renard
  • Toad Form Variant: Guise of The Flea Man

You can check out what the premium pack has to offer here.

In V Rising, you are a newly awakened vampire that's trying to survive in a world that's ruled by humans and hope to be the next Dracula. You feed on blood to obtain new powers and of course, hide from the sun. In the game you get to engage in both PvP and PvP combat.

V Rising is available for the PC via Steam. It's coming out for the PlayStation 5 sometime this year.

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