The Official Trailer for the Fallout Show is Here

We're finally getting to learn more about the upcoming Fallout show on Amazon Prime with the release of the official trailer. With the trailer, we not only get to see the massive world of the show but also the signature dark humor that the video games are known for. We also get to see more of the journey that vault dweller Lucy takes and here interaction with the other characters.

You can watch the official trailer below:

Fallout is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on April 11 with all eight episodes coming out at once. It's based on the Fallout video games franchise with the first tile coming out in 1997. It's set in a world where advancements in nuclear technology has resulted in a resource war. To preserve humanity in the event of a nuclear war, fallout bunkers were built known as vaults.

Going Out the Vault

Meanwhile, the story in the upcoming show is set 200 years after the apocalypse. They're forced to return to the irradiated land left behind by their ancestors and are surprised to discover a rather complex, weird, and highly violent world waiting for them. Taking the lead is a young woman named Lucy. She is a descendant of the original Vault Dwellers. She leaves a rather safe live to learn go out and learn more about the hostile and savage Wasteland. Along the way she gets to meet some exciting characters.

A Unique Mix

There's maximum for example, who joins the militaristic faction known as the Brotherhood of Steel. He believes in the mission of the Brotherhood to bringing law and order to the Wasteland and is not afraid to do anything to further those goals. Then there's "The Ghoul," a mutated gunslinger and bounty hunter who's said to have alive even before the bombs fell.

Behind the Scenes

The show is being directed by none other than Jonathan Nolan. His work include shows like Person of Interest and Westworld. Meanwhile, the main cast includes Ella Purnell who's playing as Lucy with Aaron Moten taking on the role of Maximus. Walton Goggins plays The Ghoul. Others include Dale Dickey as Ma June and Kyle MacLachlan as Lucy's father and a Vault Overseer with Matt Berry voicing Mr. Handy.

Excited for the show to arrive?

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