Until You Fall Releases Update 0.5.0, OST Now Available

OST is now here.
OST is now here. Schell Games

Until You Fall released update 0.5.0 which not only brings quality of life improvements, but also offers better accessibility options. The highlight of this update, however, has to be the release of a remastered version of the game’s soundtrack. In fact, the audio of each level has been improved to guarantee optimal enjoyment.

The OST of Until You Fall is already available for download through Steam here. However, the soundtrack is also available on music streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, and even YouTube. According to developer Schell Games, players can expect to see the OST roll out to other services in the future.

Other changes in terms of the audio include:

  • Addition of SFX when the player first materializes at the start of a new game.
  • Addition of SFX for the new Abyssal Pulse Trait.
  • Added unique audio loops for the different Difficulty versions of the Forge Portal.

All You Need Is A Little Help

It’s not all about the soundtrack though, as there’s also the new Battle Tips system. This is a feature where players, at their death screen, are given helpful tips and hints. These are what players can expect with this new feature:

  • Death Screen Battle Tips
    • This offers a wide range of community-suggested tips and sensitive particularly to where the player was in the run when they died.
  • Knight and Captain Battle Tips
    • A new popup for battle tips has been added.
    • This appears in-room for players who weren’t able to defeat the Knight or Captain on their first attempt.
  • Spellweaver Intro­duc­tion Battle Tip
    • An in-scene Battle Tip is added to the Spellweaver’s introduction room.
    • This should help better explain the mechanics of blocking the Spellweaver’s projectiles.

For First Time Players

Update 0.5.0 also made these tweaks, which are focused on first time users:

  • Choose your Primary Weapon Hand
    • When creating a profile, players can now define which is their Primary Weapon Hand.
    • This also determines which had their Arming Sword starts in. Good news for lefties.
  • Aether Horror Tutorial Encounter
    • It’s still not possible to defeat the Aether Horror in the tutorial. However killing a player with a mechanic that they don’t understand and never see again has been confusing for many. Here are some tweaks:
      • Aether Horror no longer cheats.
      • Additional messaging has been added to the player the they should try to fight until they gall.
  • Difficulty Selection Beat
    • Players should know where and how to change difficulties.
    • Before starting their first run, new Rune Knight are asked specifically to choose a difficulty.
  • Weapon Unlocking Tutorial Beat
    • When these tutorial moments are unlocked, the portal is now disabled until the player has bought a weapon.
  • Weapon Upgrading Tutorial Card
    • A beat has been added to allow players to focus on Agatha’s good news about upgrades.
    • Upgrade is not needed to continue.

You can view the complete patch notes here.

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