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Unity of Command 2's recent beta patch “Update 10 Test” has added a scenario where you can play as Axis forces. The scenario, known as “Wacht am Rhein!”, puts you at the Battle of the Bulge from the Axis point of view. Players will control German forces and fight against the Allies. Some hardcore fans have already created such scenarios thanks to the modding tools in Steam Workshop, but this is the first time an actual German-oriented level has been made officially. This could be the first of many Axis oriented scenarios to come.

Unity of Command 2 is a turn-based strategy war game set during WW2, developed by 2x2 Games and co-published by Croteam. It is a direct sequel to the 2011 turn-based game Unity of Command. Although the first UoC had both a Soviet and Axis side, the sequel lacked them at launch and is only releasing them now. Very few World War 2 games have shown the Axis point of view. The only other game that comes to mind is the Last Tiger mission in Battlefield 5.

To play the beta, you need to first find Unity of Command 2 in your Steam library. From there, right click and go to game properties, then click on the beta tab to use the drop-down and select the beta branch. Here are some other important things that “Update 10 Test” brings:

  • Better Tutorial
  • Improved Map UI
  • Plunder Balance changes
  • Several Bug Fixes

You can check out the complete patch notes below:

Unity of Command 2 Update 10 Test Patch Notes

New Features and changes

  • Wacht am Rhein scenario
  • En route HQ and unit locations are now always shown in the En route view (even for units arriving on later turns)
  • Recon in force can now capture 3-step stragglers and HQs
  • Combat shifts are now displayed for Air Attack, Saturation Strike and Naval Bombardment
  • Added danger markers on own units in the Saturation Strike view
  • Reorg steps are no longer counted as casualties
  • Localization update
  • Addition of one purchasable US engineers at each conference in Northern Europe
  • Tool for setting the playable area in the scenario editor
  • Added weather hints to scenario editor
  • Map view UI polish
  • Husky: additional turn
  • Husky: added info on para limitations to briefing
  • Tutorial 1: added additional info
  • Plunder: balance changes


  • Added deployment phase to Advance To Antwerp scenario
  • Entrenchment now removed when assault/river crossing
  • HQ deploy positions fix
  • Fixed playable area in the "End at the Elbe" scenario
  • Kill unit objective fix
  • AI rearguard fix
  • Fixed end conference reminder tooltip
  • Fixed combat sheet text: "0.5% to reduce" -> "50% to reduce"
  • Fixed objective sheet not updating when an objective is captured with a para drop
  • Fixed crash when exiting a map view in history mode while a unit is selected
  • Fixed crash when an empty hotkey is bound
  • HQ generals are now changed on campaign scenario end
  • Fixed towed suppression on already suppressed specs
  • Fixed some specialists being suppressed after a LCI landing
  • Emergency supplied units can no longer be deployed to
  • Localization fixes - special thanks to user "pendantry"
  • Price fixes and changes to specialists in Northern Europe (enjoy the 10 prestige British arty while you can!)
  • Fixed en route units crash in deployment phase
  • En route HQs in deployment phase fix
  • Fixed retreat route calculation
  • Unit move crash fix
  • Settings crash fix

Unity of Command 2 is not a AAA blockbuster game, but it has received some praise from both fans and critics. It is an improvement over its predecessor, which was a good game in itself. UoC2 currently sits at 88 percent on Metacritic and 91 percent on PC Gamer. You can purchase the game on Steam for $29.99.

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