Ubisoft's Update on Anti-Cheat for Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4 Neon Dawn TS Patch Notes
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Ubisoft’s first-person shooter game, Rainbow Six Siege, has several issues but the most annoying is the cheating situation that has been going on for years. The developer recently released a blog post explaining how they are dealing with the problem. Ubisoft has banned over 90,000 cheaters in the previous year alone, which indicates the seriousness of the problem.

The biggest trouble in the past was the manual banning of cheaters who weren’t detected by the anti-cheat software. Usually, multiple players would have to report cheaters or send evidence of what cheats or cheat engines were used.

Ubisoft is currently looking into various factors to work on, including:

  • Improved Cheat Detection
  • Increased Barriers to Entry and Cheat Prevention
  • Reduction of Vulnerability, Cheat Opportunities, and Impact of Cheats

Improved Cheat Detection

The developers are working on new methods like improving the Battleye system, and using detection software to flag players automatically and ban them. The bans not detected by Battleye can be flagged by players and then processed manually by employees, which can take a while. This step is going to be upgraded by automatically processing the bans after a cheater gets flagged.

Increased Barriers to Entry and Cheat Prevention

The developer wants to make it extremely difficult for cheaters to enter, like making a smurf and starting to play. They implemented a level 50 ranked barrier and two-step authorization before potential cheaters could jump into ranked games. Ubisoft wants to consume the time and resources of cheaters.

Reduction of Vulnerability, Cheat Opportunities and Impact of Cheats

Ubisoft is trying to fix all its loopholes so that cheaters can’t affect players anymore. When they get an idea of sellers, they will close the services with the help of the community and social media.

So, what are your thoughts on Ubisoft’s anti-cheat program? Do you think Ubisoft can reduce the game's cheater population? Personally, I think Ubisoft can pay extra for the next tier of the Battleye system to tremendously reduce the number of cheaters. Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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