Here Are Two Ways To Configure The New Echo Shotgun In Call of Duty: Mobile

Time to bring the pain.
Time to bring the pain. Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile recently launched Season 10, which is dubbed as The Hunt. Along with the new season, players are treated to a new Battle Pass which offers a lot of interesting items. Players that reach Tier 21, for instance, can get access to the Echo Shotgun. Those who have the Premium Pass can unlock the Echo – Demon Eyes weapon blueprint on reaching Tier 50.

The Echo is an automatic shotgun, and combined with its large ammo capacity, can offer some needed continuous fire especially in close quarters combat.

A good way to think about the Echo is to think about the Striker. While the Echo has a slower firing speed compared to the Striker, it has a longer effective damage range. With a magazine system, it also means you can reload all shots at once instead of one by one. There are two Gunsmith configuration for the Echo, which we look into a little deeper today.

Battle Royale

The goal of this configuration is to have a more controlled setup that puts emphasis on both power and range. So instead of the typical pellet spread, you should have a Slug Reload in order to have high damage slugs. The combination of the OWC Laser –Tactical and YKM Stock ensure that you can move fast while aiming down sight (ADS). Meanwhile, the PWC Marksman lets you extend the damage range and, by putting in the Granulated Grip Tape, provides the needed extra stability.

So why is it perfect for Battle Royale? Simply put, all the attachments allow for the range of the Echo to be enhanced and thus should allow you to compete at greater distances.


For Multiplayer, the goal is to keep the attacks coming. That means you need to focus on hip-firing strengths. Put in the RTC laser 1mw. Putting in the Merc Foregrip results in better hip fire accuracy. The combination of the MIP Extended Light Barrel and Choke allow for greater damage range, as well as tighter bullet spread. Finally, the 12 Round Reload guarantees that you have a hefty magazine with a minimal weight penalty.

Take note that these are just suggestions and you can always experiment on what configuration works best for you. What do you think? Are you up to the task?

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