Call Of Duty: Mobile’s Newest Season Is Now Live

See what's happening this season.
See what's happening this season. Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile announced that its latest season is officially here. Titled Radioactive Agent, this one offers a lot of new content like new modes, earnable functional weapons, and even an expanded Battle Royale map. That said, there’s also a new Battle Pass. Let's take a look at the new features arriving with this new season.

New Battle Pass

Let’s start with the Battle Pass. There’s going to be a big changes coming to this system as players are now going to progress on a single stream of content. There is the Free Tier where at Tier 14, all the players get access to a new Cluster Strike Scorestreak. At Tier 21, players get to unlock the QQ9 SMG. Free tiers also hand out the Danger Zone and Caution camos for a variety of items.

That said, there’s also the Battle Pass Tiers where players can earn new content at each tier. Immediately from Tier 1, players have the Hazmat Ghost unlocked. On reaching Tier 12, Kreuger Alchemist gets to join the battle. Players also can earn epic weapon skins like the M4 Back Scratcher at Tier 40 and the QQ9 Flood at Tier 50. At Tier 50 as well, players get to unlock the Legendary Calling Card known as Pursuit. There’s also the Rare Radioactive camo series and the Epic Barricade camo series.

Expanded map

As mentioned, there’s an expanded Battle Royale map. There’s going to be seven new and diverse areas which are Black Market, Downtown, Frigid Wastelands, Harbor, Heat, Sanitarium, and Ski Town. With all of these additional areas, it also means that the map is now larger by 45% compared to the original version.

A bunch of new features

The new season also offers a new Battle Royale vehicle, which is none other than the Tank. This one is going to be randomly dropped from the air and right into the current match. Once it’s down, the tank is ready to be occupied by a squad of four. Be careful though, since there’s a high possibility that everyone will be going after the tank once it drops.

New as well is the boss simply known as the Butcher. This one replaces Cerberus and while it’s going to prove to be a challenge to players, the loot offered as a reward is sure to be more than worth it.

Another new feature that arrived with the new season is the new Smoke Bomber class. This class specializes in disrupting the vision of the enemy through its Cluster Smoke Grenade ability which releases multiple projectiles that disperse smoke over a wide area. The Smoke Bomber's passive ability is Smoke Perspective, an ability that allows for enhanced vision against enemies in the smoke.

There is also a new Multiplayer map added to the mix, which is Tunisia. Set in a seaside Mediterranean town, this large map comes with a main square and twisting streets. There’s also going to be Scorestreaks, so watch out for those.

With a new season, there’s also going to be new rewards for Ranked Mode with Multiplayer and Battle Royale offering their own rewards. The rewards are:

  • Multiplayer
    • Rank Veteran II: ICR – Skulls & Blood
    • Rank Pro I: HBRa3 – Skulls & Blood
    • Rank Pro V: Epic Calling Card – Sacrifices Made
    • Rank Master III: Epic MSMC – Wasteland
    • Rank Legendary: Epic Frame – Bonepile
  • Battle Royale
    • Multiple Ranks: Skulls & Blood series of Battle Royale class skins
    • Rank Master II: Epic Character Battery – Skulls & Blood
    • Rank Legendary: Epic Avatar – Charged Battery

Learn more about the new season here.

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