Two Overwatch Heroes Confirmed To Get WoW Skins

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Genji and Symmetra will be getting new skins.
Genji and Symmetra will be getting new skins. Blizzard

Genji and Symmetra are two Overwatch heroes lucky to be getting new skins ahead of the BlizzCon 2019. These skins will reportedly be inspired by World of Warcraft, a hit franchise from the studio.

Blizzard Entertainment revealed the in-game items it will be handing out as a part of the BlizzCon tickets, virtual or otherwise. BlizzCon 2019 is going to take place from November 1 to 2 in Anaheim, California. If you are a ticket holder, you will be getting some real rewards with your ticket purchases, including a whole bunch of digital items. And if you are an Overwatch player, you can get the most valuable of all these rewards – the skins. Mind you, this year’s skins are really extraordinary.

“Commemorate 25 years of Azeroth as you fight for future Earth with a pair of Warcraft-themed legendary Overwatch skins,” Blizzard wrote in a press release. “Prepare to seek vengeance as Illidan Genji, and call upon the (hard-)light of Elune as Tyrande Symmetra.”

The studio explained that the two new skins will be available in its hit first-person shooter before BlizzCon 2019. Apparently, though, there has yet to be an exact date as to when this will be.

Other BlizzCon virtual gifts include two “murloc-ified faction leaders” and a “Wendigo Woolies transmog outfit” for World of Warcraft. There is also the “mysterious Golden Legendary card,” as well as the BlizzCon 2019 cardbacks in Hearthstone. Heroes of the Storm players will have the opportunity to unlock a BlizzCon spray and portrait and a Celestial Deepcrawler mount. In StarCraft 2, players can acquire new Brood War unit skins and portraits for Terran’s Battlecruiser, Zerg’s Ultralisk, and Protoss’ Carrier.

As we have previously reported, Blizzard is rumored to be announcing two titles at the highly-anticipated event. Most fans believe the announcement will be about Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4. Even financial analysts are convinced that the video game company will do so. Of course, since nothing official has been said, it is best to take this rumor with a grain of salt.

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