Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Review: Gaming Experience At Its Finest

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Meet the wireless gaming headset you want.
Meet the wireless gaming headset you want. Turtle Beach

Professional esports players are likely to tell you that having the right equipment can often make or break a game. However, for casual gamers like me, it’s a bit different. It’s all about the gaming experience. The good news is that the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero can serve both groups.

For quite some time I’ve been using speakers when playing on my PC or earphones for playing games on my phone. When it comes to headsets, I usually only use them when playing in gaming cafes. So using the Elite Atlas Aero was a change of pace, and it was a good one. Even better, this headset offers wireless gaming.

Physical Qualities

Before I go into the technical side of things, including the sound, I’ll dive a little deeper into the physical. The Elite Atlas Aero comes in black, which I found to be pretty snazzy. Unfortunately for those who want a headset in a different color, black is the only way to go for now with the Elite Atlas Aero. As an over-ear headset, I was surprised that it fit perfectly on my ears. The upper headband has a suspended pad, which makes wearing it all the more comfortable, especially during long gaming sessions.

Only available in black.
Only available in black. Turtle Beach

Unlike other headsets on the market, you’ll probably be surprised to see some of the Elite Atlas Aero’s “guts” so to speak through the inner ear cup. However, the reason for this is that is it allows the cushions to be removed with ease and changed if there is a need for it. It also makes the sound come out better since there is no cloth or cushion to muffle it. The ear cushions of the headset make use of memory foam, so comfort is more than guaranteed.

Many other headsets have a microphone already installed. While this is important when it comes to professional gaming since there is a need to communicate with the rest of the team, it doesn’t really have a need when it comes to casual gaming. The Elite Atlas Aero has a removable microphone. This is one of the features that I really liked about this headset. However, should you need a microphone, it’s pretty easy to install the one that is included with the Elite Atlas Aerot since you simply plug it in and it immediately goes into use.

Prospecs Glasses Relief System

One of the reasons why the ear cushions on the Elite Atlas Aero are removable is because of the Prospecs Glasses Relief System. This is a system for players who need to wear glasses while gaming. I personally don't use glasses, but this system offers added comfort for those who do. All you need to do is remove the ear cushions and then make the necessary tab adjustment to get the needed size for the channel in the ear cushions. This is a great feature, and if I wore glasses, would immediately make use of it.

Now let’s go the main feature which is wireless gaming. Setting up the headset is pretty easy since a USB transmitter is included. It’s all plug and play so operation is fairly easy. All that’s left to do is press the power button, which can be found on the left earcup, and the headset immediately connects to the transmitter.

Storage and Portability

The headset offers a portable design that allows for both compact storage and portability. The collapsible design makes it easy not only to store the headset, but also bring it with you. You're probably thinking, how are you going to be able to use it on other PCs? It’s simple, really. Remember the USB transmitter? You can use it on a different PC since, as already mentioned, it's all plug and play. However, Turtle Beach appears to have anticipated the hassles that come with moving around. When you remove the cushion on the right cup, there is a slot where you can keep the USB transmitter. That means you can carry the headset and the USB transmitter all in one go.

Removable cushion.
Removable cushion. Turtle Beach

On the left ear cup, you can see the different button controls. This ear cup you has the slot for the microphone and above it the headphone port, should you prefer wired gaming over wireless. If your headset runs out of power, or you want to use it on another device, you can also use the wired connection without powering on the Elite Atlas Aero.

The left ear cup is also home to the USB Charge port. There is an LED indicator that shows you the charging status of the headset. Then there is the power button, of course. Two other buttons are for the volume control and the mic monitoring. The latter in particular is interesting since it is remappable. The final button is also a remappable button.

While the different buttons allow for easy access, the problem is that the controls are a bit confusing at times. Controlling the volume of the mic and headset can be confusing, especially when you haven’t been using the headset for a while. Even after using it for a few days I still face this issue. The best thing to do is to have everything ready before you start your game.

Technical Qualities

Now that we're done with the physical side of things, let's go the more important aspect of a headset: the sound quality. The Elite Atlas Aero comes with 50mm Nanoclear Speakers. It's no wonder why the sound is crisp. With this alone, you are more than set to have a truly wonderful gaming experience.

To test the sound, I played Dota 2. In the past I was usually fine with playing this game with no sound on. However, after using the Elite Atlas Aero, playing without sound is something that I will no longer prefer. The sound is more than good, and you could really feel the skills of the hero when you hit opponents. I also tried it with the original Bayonetta and the experience was more than wonderful. You could hear every sound clearly.

Superhuman Hearing

One feature that the Elite Atlas Aero boasts is what it calls Superhuman Hearing. This feature allows you to hear subtle sounds that are at the same time game changing. This is particularly useful for FPS games where you need to hear footsteps of enemies or the sounds of other players reloading. So to try it out, I went for Call of Duty: Mobile. While it may not be the same as playing on the PC, it's still a good alternative. In short, the headset performed really well. The sound quality is really good and there is no doubt that this gives you an advantage, especially in tournaments.

Excellent sound quality.
Excellent sound quality. Turtle Beach

Now I'm not really the type to use a microphone, even in multiplayer games. However I did try it using online test systems. My voice was really clear, but you need to speak at a proper volume for it to pick up your voice. Still, I have to say that I did like the fact that the microphone was removable.


With a price tag of $150, there is a lot of expectations riding on the Elite Atlas Aero and it manages to meet most of them. Its key feature is wireless audio and it delivers well on this. I also love the microphone and the ease with which you can remove and attach it to the headset. The biggest problem are the controls on the headset, which can be confusing at times.

The Elite Atlas Aero is a good choice for any professional esports player. However, it is also a good investment for the casual gamer.

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