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Frozenbyte, the developer of Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, recently released a new update that fixes bugs for the multiplayer puzzles in Classic mode. Annoying issues where the game would crash either due to a memory usage problem or a player leaving the game at a specific part of the map in multiplayer are now resolved.

Respawn areas in Snow Topped Heights, Gossamer Grove, and multiple other levels have been fixed by the latest update. While small fixes for some ledge grab problems and camera adjustment issues should no longer persist with this update.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Patch Notes

Technical fixes

  • Fixed a crash related to memory usage
  • Fixed a crash related to a player leaving the game in multiplayer in a specific location

Gameplay fixes and changes

  • Multiple fixes to Classic mode puzzles in multiplayer
  • Fixed online sync for objects in airflows
  • Fixed an issue related to Reconnecting and increased the timeout period
  • Fixed a respawn area in Snow Topped Heights to not be outside of fight area
  • Fixed a respawn area in Gossamer Grove
  • Fixed respawn areas in multiple levels
  • Fixed a multiplayer checkpoint in The Cursed Manor
  • Fixed a puzzle starting in an incorrect state in Haunted Tombs
  • Fixed a cloud collapsing in Heroes' Dream
  • Fixed a frozen mushroom in Gislan's Dream
  • Fixed a puzzle in Owl's Dream to disable electricity after the puzzle is completed
  • Fixed a platform which could be stomped through in Owl's Dream
  • Fixed a Stomp related bug in Cornelius's Dream
  • Fixed an issue where the vault door could not open if a player stood on it in Cornelius's Dream
  • Fixed a crystal platform that could cause the player to move outside of the play area
  • Fixed an issue where EXP containers could roll off the map
  • Reverted a fix to Pistons which was not working as intended
  • Made keys heavier to prevent players from flying with them
  • Fixed a bug related to the Fairy Rope

Other fixes

  • Minor camera adjustments
  • Minor fixes to some ledge grab issues
  • Minor fix to a branch in Rudolfus's Dream
  • Minor fix to a swing puzzle in Moonlit Forests
  • Minor changes to Shaders, Lighting and Bloom effects
  • Many small Art adjustments

You can read more about the update here.

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