Star Sonata 2 Patch Notes: Bug Fixes, New Skin, and More

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Landauer Games, the developer of Star Sonata 2, recently released a new update that fixes tons of bugs and adds some changes. Two bugs related to AI have been addressed by this patch. First, it resolved the issue where AI gets random skills after the server restarts. And second, it fixed the bug where AI can't use radiation projectiles to shoot targets.

One of the changes applies to the Berserker Shield Redistribution where the target is no longer immune to healing. Instead, the amount of healing they receive is reduced by 50%. A new skin called the Dark Energy Antimatter Recollector has been added to the Flamberge and the Voulge ships.

Star Sonata 2 Patch Notes


  • Fixed bug with adding random AI base skills to stations after a server restart.
  • Fixed where sometimes combat bots in guard location mode wouldn’t fire at enemies.
  • Fixed the bug where AI and combat bots wouldn’t know to use their new ethereal radiation projectiles to shoot through stuff at their target.
  • Fixed code that broke ship model banking when turning in non-orthographic mode.
  • Fixed so you cannot transwarp to a galaxy you are already in and waste the charge.
  • Fixed issue with translocating (brakes) onto a solar body.
  • Fixed where Enveloping Monkey, Seer Backstab, and Sniper Marksman were incorrectly affecting super item damage.
  • Fixed an issue with Micron and Crucible that kept warps open for five minutes after using a keysync. Will only stay open for 10 seconds after using the key now.
  • Fixed the bug where critical hits from super items didn’t have the base critical hit strength (50%).
  • Can only get healing aggression/hate passed on with transference damage type. This will prevent aggro snowballs like in subspace when healing enemies with non-transference damage.


  • Mods and aug stats will no longer apply from non-active weapons. Only applies mods and aug stats of the weapon that is last fired. If no weapon was fired – the first weapon in the list will be used. Multi firing only applies the mods and aug stats to the actively selected weapon and will not stack multiplies.
  • Increased Hostility on evil modded weapons by 50% and doubled damage mod on evil modded weapons (10% to 15% and 1% to 2% at tech 10).
  • Radioactive mods now give a constant amount of elec each from 5 to 16 elec per second depending on tech level.
  • Increased XP and crit chance mod values on Super Intelligent modded weapons by 50% (base of 2% to 3% at tech 10)

You can read more about the update here.

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