Trials Rising Season 4 Starts Tomorrow

Let's head North.
Let's head North. Ubisoft

Trials Rising is more than ready to take daredevils to the Arctic Circle with Season 4. Titled Expedition to the North Pole, this latest season begins tomorrow, December 12. The new season offers a host of new customization items, a new bike, a new track pack, and even a seasonal holiday event. Season 4 also marks the start of a new ranked multiplayer season where riders can climb the ranks in order to claim pieces of the Golden Narwhal outfit.

The new outfits that arrives with the new season get inspiration from some of Ubisoft’s colorful characters like the For Honor Viking Raider and the Just Dance Panda. Two new themed outfits are being offered as well, like the Arctic Explorer and Narwhal. There are also new bike skins, helmet accessories, animations, and poses. Some items will be dropped from Gear Crates while others can be purchased through the in-game store.

For the new Scarab bike, it comes loaded with fat tires and a rather forgiving suspension which has been calibrated specifically for cruising across snowy dunes in the new Arctic locale. This bike can be unlocked with Acorns.

Trials Rising is a multiplayer 2.5D fault-based racing game released in February of this year. In the game, players control a rider on a physics-based motorcycle from beginning to end of an obstacle course while navigating across a series of hurdles. Courses are set in different parts of the world like Mount Everest and the Eiffel Tower. The latest season takes riders to the frigid north of the Arctic Circle.

Trials Rising is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC.

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