Ubisoft Releasing 4 Games Alongside Switch Launch In China

4 games coming.
4 games coming. Ubisoft

With Nintendo confirming that the Switch is officially coming to China, Ubisoft did not waste any time getting things ready. Specifically, Ubisoft is preparing four games for the Chinese market. Development teams at Ubisoft Chengdu and Ubisoft Shanghai have both been working to bring Rabbids Party, Just Dance, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and Rayman Legends Definitive Edition to the console in Simplified Chinese.

According to Ubisoft China Managing Director Xavier Poix from a post on the Ubisoft website, since the inception of the Switch console, they have been working with closely with Nintendo. He went on to say that "the Ubisoft games we are working to bring to China make full use of the social and accessible features of Nintendo Switch. Moreover, we are proud to work on experiences specifically designed for Chinese players by our studios in China.”

One game that Ubisoft hopes is going to make a mark is the new Rabbids party game, which has been developed specifically for the Chinese market. Raving Rabbids is a spin-off of the Rayman series, which focuses on wild rabbit-like creatures known as Rabbids.

Arriving with this new Rabbids game is Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Here, players see the Rabbids team up with Mario and friends in a tactical turn-based combat adventure in order to save the Mushroom Kingdom.

Another game arriving to China is the highly acclaimed platformer Rayman Legends Definitive Edition. In this game, Rayman, Globox, and the Teensies go through an enchanted forest that has been filled with magical paintings. Finally, there is Just Dance which lets players get into the groove. This version features many of the hottest songs along with some up-and-coming artists.

Nintendo had announced the Switch was finally getting a chance to be released in China thanks to a partnership with Tencent. Sales are expected to begin tomorrow with the console being priced at around $300. Despite having Tencent as a partner, there are those who see Nintendo having a difficult climb, given that Chinese gamers prefer smartphones. Unlike other games, there's also the expectation that Nintendo won't face many problems with regulators since its games don't have gambling elements and avoid violence. So far, regulators in China have approved Super Mario Bros. You can read more here.

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