Meet the Townspeople of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Get to know some customization features.
Get to know the town.
Get to know the town. XSEED Games

Last time, Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town showed us what could happen to our characters and who we could end up with. This time, we get the chance to know who will meet when we arrive in town. We also take a look at some of the customization options available.

Before we get into who the townspeople are, you can learn more about the potential marriage prospects here. You can also check some of them in the video below:

Meet the People

There’s a lot of characters that you can meet in Olive Town. Fortunately for us, XSEED has given us a peek into who they are:

  • Victor
    • Mayor of Olive Town
  • Gloria
    • Fashionable curator of Olive Museum
    • Victor’s wife
  • Jacopo
    • Victor’s son
  • Patricia
    • Owner of The Hoof House, the local animal shop
    • Mother to Bridget and Damon
  • Georg
    • Captain of the ferry
    • Patricia’s husband
  • Jason and Sally
    • Owners of the Gull’s Rest Hotel & Café
  • Mikey
    • Jason and Sally’s son
  • Misaki
    • Owner of the Capeside Bistro
  • ​Beth
    • Works at Olive Museum
  • Nigel
    • The town’s carpenter
    • Owner of Nigel’s Handiworks
  • Clemens
    • Owner of the Worker’s Base Tool Shop
  • Lars
    • Clemens’ younger brother
  • Angela
    • Owner of the general store
  • Simon
    • Angela’s father
    • One of the original pioneers who founded Olive Town
  • Jessie
    • Simon’s wife
    • Another of the original founders of Olive Town
  • Cindy
    • Angela’s daughter
    • Jack’s sister
  • Marcos
    • Emilio’s father
    • Best fisher in town
  • Manuela
    • Emilio’s mother
  • Raul
    • Marcos’ apprentice
  • Dosetsu
    • Iori’s retainer
  • Nguyen
    • The flower shop owner
    • Founded Olive Town alongside Simon and Jessie
  • Norman
    • Owner of the grocery store
    • Laura’s father
  • Sydney
    • Norman’s wife
  • A defense attorney who visits Olive Town on her days off
  • Lovett
    • Bon vivant
    • Food critic
  • Karina
    • Owner of Salon Ailes D’ange
  • Jeanne
    • Works at Salon Ailes D’ange

Customization Options

To customize their look, all players need to do is visit the beauty salon in Olive Town. Here, they can change everything from hairstyle to facial features. Players can even customize the outfit of their characters to fit the season. The customization is not limited to the characters and can extend to the farms themselves.

Once everything is done, players can now “settle.” It means they can now start a family. As mentioned, there are several marriage prospects to choose from. Players can also raise their own pets.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is scheduled to be released on March 23 for Nintendo Switch.

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