Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Unveils All Marriage Prospects

Ready for a commitment?
Ready for a commitment? XSEED Games

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is the upcoming addition to the Story of Seasons series. The game is set to be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on March 23. For those of you wondering, it’s a farm simulation game with elements of RPG.

It means you can build a farm from scratch in a new region called Olive Town. As your farm grows, so does the town. While building your farm, you get the chance to make friends with the locals. Then again, what good would it be to build a farm without someone to grow it with?

Not to worry since the game has revealed the 10 ideal partners to choose from - five bachelors and five bachelorettes.

So, who are these possible marriage prospects? They are:

  • Bachelorettes:
    • Reina: The Party-loving Anthropologist.
    • Blaire: A Waitress with Big Dreams.
    • Laura: The Ocean-loving Tour Guide.
    • Linh: The Budding Florist.
    • Bridget: Friend to all Animals.
  • Bachelors:
    • Damon: The Aloof Stargazer.
    • Ralph: The Dependable Ranger.
    • Emilio: The Sociable Fisherman.
    • Iori: A Noble Eastern Lord.
    • Jack: The Clever Big Brother.

Learn more about the Bachelorettes and Bachelors.

The Story So Far

What's the game all about? It turns out that the player has been inspired by stories of the pioneering days of their grandfather. As such, the player makes the decision to pack their bags and try their luck on the frontier in Olive Town.

Arriving in Olive Town, they run into the town mayor Victor, who’s also an old friend of their grandfather. A visit to the old farm shows that it has been reclaimed by nature. More than determined to follow in the footsteps of their grandfather, the player rolls up their sleeves and gets to work.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is now accepting pre-orders. There’s the Standard Edition available at $49.99. The Premium Edition, meanwhile, is offered at $59.99 and comes with a 13.5”x24” cloth poster that features the full key illustration for the game. Included as well is the 2.5”x4” pocket plushie of the title mascot Buffy the buffalo.

You can learn more about the Premium Edition below:

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