Touhou: New World Launching Digitally in North America This Summer

A new world is coming.
A new world is coming. XSEED Games

Touhou: New World is launching in North America and Europe this summer, releasing digitally for PC through Steam and Nintendo Switch. The game is also launching on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 digitally at a later date. Touhou: New World is the latest fan-made entry by Ankake Spa in the ever-evolving "Touhou Project" universe.

Touhou: New World brings players back to Gensokyo, a supernatural world and home to humans and spirits known as youkai. While it is far from being idyllic, the life of the beings in this world is best described as uneventful. However, trouble arrives when an outsider, who harbors an obsession with the supernatural realm, breached the protective mystical barrier of this world. This brought chaos to Gensokyo and the world beyond.

To restore the peace in two worlds, the shrine maiden Reimu and her magician friend Marisa need to discover the true source of this chaos.

Key features of Touhou: New World include:

  • Shrine Maiden Skills and Magician Moves
    • Enemies may unleash fountains of projectiles but they can be countered by inflicting heavy damage with spell cards.
    • Deal powerful blows with exorcism sticks.
    • Slow attacks using well-timed guards.
  • Get to Know Gensokyo
    • Help the friendly Gensokyo residents by:
      • Finding lost souls.
      • Investigating strange areas.
      • Engaging in mock battles.
    • Players will be rewarded handsomely and could even learn a tip or two to help them in their quest.
  • Customizable Action
    • Reimu and Marisa can be customized to suit nearly any playstyle.
    • Their skills can be leveled up through use in battle.
    • Upgrade essential stats like health and attack power to help them overcome the odds.
  • Don’t Forget to Accessorize
    • Every weapon, piece of armor, and accessory found has randomized stats.
    • Mix and match to make the most of them or reforge equipment to get the perfect combination.

The Touhou Project is a bullet hell shoot 'em up video game series with the first game titled Highly Responsive to Prayers, released in 1997. It's set in a land known as Gensokyo with the main character Reimu Hakurei usually tasked with resolving supernatural incidents. As a fan-made game, Touhou: New World can be considered as an unofficial derivative work but uses the settings and characters of Touhou.

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