New Sci-fi Adventure Game Fort Solis Coming This Summer to PC

Find out the truth.
Find out the truth. Fallen Leaf

A new sci-fi adventure is coming out this summer to PC. In Fort Solis, you're asked to head to Mars and determine the truth behind the missing crew of an abandoned mining facility.

In the game, you take on the role of Jack Leary, an engineer who will be spending what could be the longest night of his life on an isolated mining base located on the red planet. Explore the station at your own pace while gathering clues to learn more about what happened to the inhabitants. However, as the night grows longer, the events escalate and could even spiral out of control. Ultimately, it's a race against time to find the crew members of the station and escape to survive.

There are many reasons to be excited about this game. With what Unreal Engine 5 has to offer, the game can feature a truly intricate immersive setting in the deepest reaches of space. Another reason is that Fort Solis has no camera cuts, no load times, and even no HUD. Finally, the game features a first-class group of people including:

  • Roger Clark (Red Dead Redemption 2)
  • Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Death Stranding)
  • Julia Brown (The Last Kingdom, World on Fire)

In a statement, Fallen Leaf Game Director James Tinsdale shared that they've been fans of hard sci-fi, as well as horror, and for this game, they wanted to offer players a tense and classic story where they have the freedom to piece together the story at their own time. He added that the key factor was immersion and they're proud of everyone who contributed to bringing the game to life.

Meanwhile, Dear Villagers Head of Publishing Guillaume Jamet revealed that for them, it was always about offering people new and engaging experiences and this game managed to do just that.

Immersive Storytelling

In Fort Solis , you can look forward to experiencing emotion, fear, and empathy, among others, with each chapter. While there is a core narrative, it supports additional instances of story like surveillance footage and audio logs.

Explore the Station

To learn more about what happened, exploration is key and Fort Solis is something that is both above and below ground. There are several locations and each not only has its own surface but even sub-surface levels.

What do you think? Excited to try it out? Wishlist Fort Solis on Steam now.

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