Tokyo Ghoul:re Call To Exist Guide - What Game Mode Is Right For You?

Learn more about the different game modes.
Learn more about the different game modes. Three Rings Inc.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist is scheduled to be released for the PC and PlayStation 4 this November 15. Based on the popular horror manga Tokyo Ghoul, Call to Exist is the first game from the franchise to be released to the west.

In today's guide, we look at the different modes available so you can be more than ready when the game is finally released.

Campaign Mode

Let's start with the obvious. Like any game in this genre, this one has a campaign mode. Players can explore across multiple maps and areas either solo or with up to four players. You need to do your best or have excellent teamwork in order to both survive the waves of enemies and more importantly to defeat bosses.

Recollections Mode

This is a single player mode where players need to fight across hordes of enemies and complete the mission goal. At the start, players can only choose either Kaneki or Haise. However, once the main stage has been cleared, other characters become playable on a different sub-stage. This mode also lets players hone their skills and battle techniques.

Here's what you need to do with the two initial characters:

  • Ken Kaneki
    • Kaneki is a powerful Ghoul rated as a SS Ghoul.
    • He is full of rage and craves the blood of humans.
    • Kagune - Bikaku:
      • Uses the Kagune that was transplanted from Rize Kamishiro.
      • Its sweeping attacks make it a great tool to use against large groups.
    • Your goal is:
      • Destroy the [CCG] by making full use of his Kagune and super-human powers.
  • Haise Sasaki
    • Leader of the [CCG]’s “Quinx Squad,” Sasaki has lost his memory of the past 20 years.
    • Despite being a human-ghoul hybrid with a Kagune, he is eager to guide his subordinates to victory.
    • Quinque - Yukimura 1/3:
      • Able to attack with lightning-quick slashes.
      • Blast enemies away with a special attack.
    • Your goal is:
      • Defeat the Ghouls by using his Quinque and other weapons.

Survival Mode

For this mode it's an all-out war. You need to survive until all enemies have been eliminated, or when you and your team are destroyed. Like with the Campaign Mode, you can try this solo or have a team alongside you.

Battle Mode

For this mode, you get to choose a side. Will you go for the Ghouls, or be with the [CCG]? Once you choose a side, you need to form a team of four and fight against another team of four. There are two rulesets to choose from. The first is Team Death Match, where you win once you wipe out all your enemies. The second is Point Match, where you win if you get more points than the other side.

Hopefully this helps you prepare for Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist’s release. What mode are you most excited to try?

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