Jack Jeanne: Tokyo Ghoul Creator Announces New Game For The Switch

Sui Ishida makes his gaming debut on the Nintendo handheld with a simulation-rhythm game.
Sui Ishida announces his newest project, Jack Jeanne, for the Nintendo Switch.
Sui Ishida announces his newest project, Jack Jeanne, for the Nintendo Switch. Broccoli

Sui Ishida, creator of the hit manga series Tokyo Ghoul, is all set for his newest project – this time, a video game for the Nintendo Switch.

The game is an otome, or opera-themed game called Jack Jeanne. Ishida has commissioned Japanese developer Broccoli to develop the title with him. A first trailer for the upcoming Japanese game has been released yesterday, and it highlights what players and fans of Ishida can expect from Jack Jeanne.

The project was stated to have started its development roughly three years ago. Sui Ishida himself has been doing some of the development beforehand, like character designs, the world building, theatrical setting, and even the song lyrics – as this upcoming game has a mix of both simulation elements and rhythm mechanics. The core story is being written by none other than Ishida himself, as well as Shin Tawada, who is notable for helping Ishida with the Tokyo Ghoul light novels.

The game takes place in a performing arts school called the Univers Opera School. Since the game is an otome, players take on the role of Kisa Tachibana, a female who is forced to hide her identity in the all-men’s school. Tachibana hopes to re-kindle her passion for the theater by attending the opera school. Most of the game’s focus is on Tachibana’s participation in the final and most important show of the year, all the while trying to keep her identity a secret.

Jack Jeanne focuses on Tachibana’s efforts to achieve what is called a “Quartz”, which is basically the top-ranking spot in every theater class. The game’s title derives upon the characters’ stage names; men who play a male role are referred to as Jack, while men who play a female role are referred to as Jeanne.

The gameplay revolves around on two parts: the simulation aspects, in which you strengthen your bond with your classmates as the protagonist Tachibana and follows her story into the game; and the rhythm aspects, which are just the shows that the students perform while dancing in full 3D.

Jack Jeanne is expected to be released for the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2020. More details on the upcoming game can be found here.


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