The Cougar & MOOSE Arrives in Arma 3 as Reaction Forces Now Live

It's the ultimate response to any situation on the battlefield. Bohemia Interactive

The newest Creator DLC for Arma 3 is finally here. Dubbed as "Reaction Forces," it's all about how fast decisions with small squads play an important role. There's a lot of new content to enjoy and it's available on Steam for $7.99.

Now before we look into what Reaction Forces has to offer, a quick recap on what Creator DLC is all about. It's actually a program where selected outside developers get the chance to come up with original new content for Arma 3 as released as a commercial DLC on Steam. For this new DLC, the proceeds are shared between the developer Rotators Collective, publisher Bohemia Interactive, and Valve as the digital distributor.

Cougar Helicopter

One of the highlights of this new DLC is the Cougar, which is a four-blade, twin-engine, medium-sized, utility helicopter. Over the year its has rather extensive military and civilian use. For its civilian role, it's mainly used for transportation and offshore support along with public service missions like search and rescue. There are variants the come equipped with an emergency flotation device, to mitigates any risks of ditching at sea.

For military use, the Cougar has variable pylon mounts for external weaponry. Several variants are fitted with a 20 mm chin-gun which can increase the striking power and its versatility as a gunship.

MOOSE Pickup

Another addition is the MOOSE pickup. It's a light-duty vehicle that has a wide range of configurations and can be used both by military and civilian sectors. Generally, it's used as a means of short-range transportation. There are also times which it's utilized as a dependable weapons platform for special forces and non-state actors.

New Weapons

The new DLC introduces new weapons to the game which include:

  • Mk26 L5
    • An American-made, semi-automatic pistol chambered in .50AE.
    • It was popularized through action movies in the 1980s action movies.
    • A gold plated version is available.
  • HADES H6
    • Manufactured in Germany.
    • It's a modern, ultra-lightweight, and easy-to-handle 5.56 mm bolt rifle.
  • Veles
    • Russian-developed dedicated CQB bullpup rifle with a high stopping power.
  • G19
    • Often used by military and police.
    • A full-automatic capable pistol that's designed and produced in Austria.

By the way, there are also new suppressors, optics, and special 5.56 mm armor-piercing ammunition available for that extra firepower. It doesn't stop there as a new selection of heavy-duty weapons for aircraft mounts are also available which are:

  • 12.7 mm machine gun weapon pod
  • 20 mm cannon weapon pod
  • DAR/DAGR x19 missile pod
  • Tratnyr HE/AP x16 missile pod

Learn more about Reaction Forces here.

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