Tinkertown Arriving To Steam Early Access On December 3

See what's coming to Steam.
See what's coming to Steam. Headup

Tinkertown announced that it is heading to Steam Early Access this coming December 3. This is the first in-house production to come from publisher Headup. Tinkertown can be tested for free through Steam’s Playtest Feature from November 27–29, so you can give it a go before making any purchases. If you want to try out the game, register your interest here.

Tinkertown has players build, craft, and explore an open world while also discovering dungeons that have enemies, bosses, and epic loot. Any loot obtained can then be combined with resources and blueprints in order to craft tools, armor, and weapons. Players can even craft furniture. In addition, having machines and workshops ensures that players can turn their settlements into impressive cities.

Players take the role of anything they wish to be. Options include a mage, rouge, or warrior. Tinkertown offers players a highly unique experience based on the weapons and armor that they carry. The open world features artwork from renowned artist Misbug of Textorcist fame. Players can also enjoy the soundtrack composed by Secret of Mana's Hiroki Kikuta.

Overall, Tinkertown features:

  • Beautiful landscapes where players can explore areas that include streaming lava mountains, great deserts, and even mystical forests.
  • Players can craft new equipment and become a rouge, warrior, or wizard.
    • Players can also come up with their own loadout and have their very own play-style.
  • ​Be able to gather resources and discover new things to build.
  • Players get to build their very own habitat.
    • They can do it themselves or go at it online with up to three friends.
  • ​Explore dungeons and fight against large underworld bosses
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